Building a Greener Future - Synera Renewable Energy to Expand Recruitment of Global Offshore Wind Professionals

Synera Renewable Energy to Expand Recruitment of Global Offshore Wind Professionals.

Taipei, March 29, 2023 – As the leading developer in Asia’s renewable energy industry and a pioneer in offshore wind, Synera Renewable Energy (SRE) is announcing its annual recruitment campaign and is planning to hire over 80 local and international employees with relevant experience and expertise in the offshore wind industry to meet its expanding operations in Taiwan and Japan.  

The Leading Developer Who Understands Asia the Best

Following SRE’s recent success in winning the competitive bid for its Formosa 4 wind power project, the company said it is accelerating its plans for a series of offshore wind farms in Taiwan and Japan’s Kyushu region and is looking to fill mid to top level roles in its construction and development units. This recruitment drive is expected to increase the number of company employees by 60% (reaching 200 people) and demonstrate its ambition to build a sustainable future through business growth and investments in people.

Anna Su, CEO of Synera Renewable Energy: “Talented professionals are SRE’s most valuable assets. With extensive knowledge and experience gained through a decade of offshore wind development across Asia, SRE is familiar with the region’s people, culture, and geographical conditions. This extends to the company’s ability to create a harmonious and positive work environment for employees from diverse ethnic backgrounds. This recruitment not only reflects SRE’s own growth trajectory, but also the blooming offshore wind industry in the Asia Pacific region in the post-pandemic era, which is driving the profound need for manpower and supplies. With various projects in the works, SRE welcomes global professionals to jointly contribute to the next stage in Asia’s energy sustainability.”  

SRE’s Diverse, Inclusive, and Open Work Environment

SRE embraces an international working environment and a diverse and inclusive corporate culture. The company has a flexible management system and strives to create a gender-friendly workplace. At present, employee spans across three continents and more than ten countries, and international expats account for 20% of the staff pool. In addition, the ratio of male to female employees is close to half, which is significantly higher than the industry average. SRE’s flexible corporate strategy and fast and transparent horizontal decision-making process are crucial parts of the company’s successful business expansion strategy.  

In addition to the Formosa 4 project, SRE is also currently developing the Formosa 5 project, which will be adjacent to Formosa 4 and is the only floating offshore wind project to have passed the preliminary EIA review. In 2021, SRE and Fukuoka-based Shizen Energy Inc. (“Shizen Energy”) agreed to a joint venture to develop a wide range of offshore wind farms throughout the Kyushu region, which will help SRE strengthen its role as the leading renewable energy company in Asia.

For more details on job openings: https://sreglobal.com/en/recruit/