German Business Delegation Attends Taiwan-Germany Seminar on Cosmetics, Food Supplements, Cleaning, & Detergents to Explore Post-Outbreak Business Opportunities

Group photo with opening remarks & keynote speakers. From left to right:Mr. Thomas Keiser,  Director General, The German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery, and Detergent Association;Chief Representative and Executive Director, German Trade Office Taipei; Dr. Jörg Polster, Director General, German Institute Taipei; Ms. Shaline Chang, President, Taipei Cosmetics Industry Association; Mr. Chien Yang, Kao (Taiwan) Corporation, Legal Director.

TAIPEI, Taiwan – DEinternational Taiwan Ltd., the service unit of the German Trade Office Taipei, organized a delegation of 6 renowned German manufacturers to visit Taiwan from 27 to 31 March. The delegation visited Taiwan to attend a conference on cosmetics, food supplements, cleaning, and detergent industries on March 28 at Hotel Illume Taipei. The conference was organized by DE and co-hosted by IKW and the Taipei Cosmetic Industry Association. Whether Taiwanese companies are looking for new brands, suppliers, or partners in Germany, or want to enter the German and European cosmetics markets, delegates will have the opportunity to promote cooperation and exchange between the two sides.

It is worth noting that Taiwanese consumers value quality and sustainability, which match the USP of German products. According to Mr. Axel Limberg, Chief Representative, and Executive Director of the German Trade Office Taipei, "88% of Taiwanese consumers today value quality and sustainability in their products. And German products excel on both counts. This is evidenced by the increasing volume of sustainable investments in Germany and the growing importance of sustainability for Taiwanese consumers. " He further points out that, " With rigorous quality control standards and a strong focus on sustainability and natural ingredients, German products are well positioned to meet the evolving needs of Taiwanese consumers. This presents a strategic opportunity for consumer-facing companies to create new value and deepen consumer engagement."

What is impressive is that the cosmetics market in Taiwan is clearly demonstrating a positive trend over the past few years, and that cosmetics and cleaning products "Made in Germany" with their renowned quality should be able to make a breakthrough in sales. Mr. Limberg emphasized that "the delegation's visit can be seen as a bridge between Taiwanese and German cosmetics companies after the pandemic. The Taiwanese cosmetics consumer market has shown remarkable resilience in the face of global challenges, with a turnover of over €6.6 billion in 2022, an increase of 8.35% compared to 2021, proving the solid demand for beauty products. With its focus on quality control standards and natural ingredients, German cosmetics can offer added value to Taiwanese consumers who are looking for premium beauty products that match their values and preferences.".

The Expert Symposium also invited Dr. Jörg Polster, Director of the German Institute Taipei, Ms. Shaline Chang, President of the Taipei Cosmetics Industry Association, and Mr. Thomas Keiser, Director General of the German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery and Detergent Association (IKW), as the opening remark guests. Mr. Thomas also gave an in-depth analysis of the international FMCG market, focusing on beauty and home care. Mr. Chien Yang, Legal Director of Kao (Taiwan) Corporation, contributed valuable market information in his keynote as well.

Delegation background info.

As part of the market development program of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Action’s “Foreign Market Entry Program” policy, the mission is being organized for small and medium-sized German companies in various industries to expand into the global market. The main purpose of the mission is to provide a platform for German companies in the cosmetics and detergents sector to establish future partnerships with relevant Taiwanese companies.

The delegation of German business enterprises includes:

  • Essence of Chi GmbH (On-line Participant)

Founded in 2012 by Diana Wyland-Fries, an international feng shui consultant from Germany, the brand specializes in bespoke 'five element fragrances' based on the client's 'birth chart' and is currently developing a new line of home and spa products.

  • Estatira Organic GmbH

Founded in 2015 in Mülheim, Germany, all of our products contain a high concentration of natural botanicals and are now dedicated to the production of natural and healthy cosmetics and health products.

  • fit GmbH

With a total turnover of €235 million and 93 million products sold in 2022, FIT's products can be found in almost every household in Germany, with a current focus on green and sustainable cleaning products.

  • HiQ Nature

The Hesse-based manufacturer is dedicated to the high-tech development of traditional plants, mostly using European GMP clean room cultivation techniques, and is available for vegan consumption.

  • Manufaktur B.W. Nobis e.K.

Founded 71 years ago, all products are manufactured at our factory in Bavaria, Germany, and include skincare, cosmetics and nutritional supplements using our innovative formulations, natural ingredients, and botanical extracts.

  • Messing & Keppler Abfüllbetrieb GmbH

As a diversified manufacturer of household cleaning products for retail outlets throughout Central Europe, the Company has a long history of working with large local wholesalers.  They currently offer a full range of product services with a focus on sustainability management, assisting customers with product development and launch.