German Industrial Innovation Leaders at Taipei International Automation Exhibition

TAIPEI, Taiwan – The German Trade Office Taipei brought world leading German automation companies to the 2021 Taipei International Automation Exhibition via its service unit DEinternational Taiwan. 14 renowned companies joined the German Pavilion as the only national pavilion on this shows, which introduces top-notch German services and technologies in the field of automation and digitalization to the Taiwanese public from December 15 to 18, 2021.

“We are very delighted that our exhibitors show the diversity and variety of German automation companies. From traditional hardware components to new sensor technology to 3D engineering to the latest inspection services, our exhibitors are active in the whole value chain,” stated Axel Limberg, Chief Representative and Executive Director of the German Trade Office Taipei.

He emphasized, “A thorough implementation of automation and digitalization concepts as part of “Industry 4.0” are the decisive factor for the future success of any company active in the manufacturing sector. Germany and Taiwan both have an affinity for high-tech solutions in their industries and both are highly innovative and export oriented. Automation is a perfect area where German machinery and Taiwanese electronics can complement each other to jointly develop and offer solutions for modern industries.”

The VIP tour including Vice President Lai Ching-te visited the German Pavilion today. Mr. Limberg welcomed them and introduced the concept of the German Pavilion to them. He also provided a short overview of the German-Taiwanese business relations in the field of machinery.

The German Pavilion was set up at TaiNEX1, Hall 1, first floor, zone J-K. The following 14 companies related to Germany present their latest automation technologies and innovations:

DRF Corporation (Booth no.: J327), EM Technik East Asia Ltd. (Booth no.: K401), EUCHNER GmbH + Co. KG (Booth no.: J330), Güdel Lineartec Co., Ltd. (Booth no.: J218), Harting Taiwan Limited (Booth no.: J431), Join Star Trading Co., LTD (Booth no.: K306), KTR Taiwan Ltd. (Booth no.: J326), Phoenix Contact Co., Ltd. (Booth no.: J318), Precitec Optronik GmbH (Booth no.: J323), Road Ahead Technologies Consultant Corp. (Booth no.: K302), Siemens Ltd. Digital Industries (Booth no.: J429), Symtek Co. Ltd. (Booth no.: J228), TÜV Rheinland Taiwan Ltd. (Booth no.: J224), WAGO Contact Ltd. (Booth no.: K310)

The German companies participating in the German Pavilion feature solutions for industrial robotics and industrial automation products, pumps, valves, switches, cables and connecting facilities, measurement devices, couplings, sensors, scanners, cameras, as well as various services in the field of safety, quality, and certification.