Energy Taiwan 2021 Had Its Success with Visitor Growth by 13.6% Online Show will Continue to December 24

Energy Taiwan jointly organized by TAITRA and SEMI had its success with more than 15,000 visitors and buyers from the industry, displaying a 13.6% growth in visitor numbers compared with the previous year and marking a historic high. In addition to solar photovoltaics (PV), wind power, smart energy storage, and hydrogen fuels, this year’s Energy Taiwan also featured latest solutions in emerging electricity generation technologies, energy saving, green power trading, and green finance in response to the global trend of pursuing net-zero carbon emissions. This one-and-only ‘Net-Zero Ecosystem’ in Taiwan.

The global temperatures keep rising every year, and a cascade of climate change risks looms. To address this imminent crisis, leaders of different countries reached a consensus to end deforestation, reduce methane emissions, and phase out the use of fossil fuel by 2030 at this year’s COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference, hoping to accelerate the pace of global low-carbon transformation. To fulfill the carbon neutrality goal, countries all over the world are sparing no efforts in developing green energy.

President Tsai Ing-wen who has participated in Energy Taiwan’s opening ceremony for four years in a row highlighted the important role played by Energy Taiwan during the energy transition process of the island, as well as Taiwan’s determination to include more renewables in its energy mix. Tsai said: “Exports of Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing facilities in the third quarter exceeded US$7.3 billion this year, making it the biggest market in the region, and the total output value will also go beyond NT$4 trillion. A flexible green power supply system will be of the greatest help for Taiwan to take its exports to the next level, and enhance Taiwan’s competitive edge in economic development. The Executive Yuan (the cabinet) has established a task force on planning the net-zero pathway for Taiwan, whereas the Environmental Protection Administration passed a regulation on greenhouse gas reduction and management. “The government will continue to communicate with people from different sectors of the society. We are determined to turn Taiwan into a green energy development center in Asia.”

James Huang, Chairman of TAITRA emphasized: “Net zero really matters to sustainability of our environment and survival of human beings. It also represents important opportunities for Taiwan to keep its foreign trade and exports going. How to use energy in a smart way really makes a huge difference in terms of whether you could achieve the ultimate goal of net zero carbon emissions or not.” All these make this year’s Energy Taiwan very special. TAITRA also took the lead in joining the initiative of the global MICE industry: Net Zero Carbon Events to ensure its exhibition venues, including TaiNEX 2 are all certified green buildings. Not only setting an example, TAITRA will also continue to assist the industry in the future to make adjustments according to the global net-zero trend to further promote foreign trade, and seize green energy business opportunities in the world.

It is international consensus that, in order to prevent the worst climate damages, we should go out of our way to achieve net-zero emissions. As one of the most important partners to the global supply chain, it is also a goal shared by Taiwan,” said Terry Tsao, Global Chief Marketing Officer at SEMI and President of SEMI Taiwan. “Forging ahead, SEMI will continue to play an important role in bridging between the industry, government, academia and research institutes for exchanges and communication in the process of energy transition and development of renewables. SEMI is not only finding the blue ocean for Taiwan’s green energy industry but also assisting the semiconductor industry to build a green supply chain to enhance corporate competitiveness.”

Energy Taiwan not only gathered a-list industry players, but also various government agencies. Once again this year, the exhibition was held in conjunction along with ‘Renewable Energy Week’ hosted by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), featuring the ‘Green Energy Pavilion’ and ‘Offshore Wind Farm Operations and Maintenance Technology Zone’, whereas MOEA’s Central Geological Survey, the Green Energy Industry Promotion Center and MOEA’s Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection had the government's policy goals, R&D technologies and achievements in promoting green energy over the years in full display.

To help Taiwan companies expand their reaches in overseas markets and enhance exchanges with the international energy community, in addition to the physical exhibition, Energy Taiwan’s online edition were also launched on December 8 (all the way to December 24), providing visitors a hybrid and immersive exhibition experience. 

Energy Taiwan Online https://online.energytaiwan.com.tw/en/index.html