Conversions of Classic and Renovation, Stimulate the Brilliance of the Fashion Culture in Taiwan The Last 4 Shows of Taipei Fashion Week Perfectly Describe “NOWism”!

(Taipei, Oct 9, 2019) − The last day of Brand Shows in 2019 Taipei Fashion Week SS20 is coming! It comes the established brand Jamei Chen, Just In XX created by the cross-industry talent Justin Chou, designer brand Seivson from Tokyo Fashion Week, and the startup brand shen yao, to put a perfect ending to Taipei Fashion Week. Celebrities also come to celebrate the show, including Cindy Yen, Evan Yo, Miu Chu, Andrew Tan, Vega Tsai, Janel Tsai, Jess Lee, Dewi Chien, Tia Lee, Jenna Wang, Aviis Zhong, and Molly, to transform their supports to the push for the Taiwanese fashion industry.
The first and the key show is presented by Jamei Chen, a brand with 33-year history. For the season, the S/S collection with the theme of “EXILE” is presented. The collection is inspired by the trip to southern Europe of the founder Jamei Chen and the art director, Quo Ying-Sheng when they went to La Biennale di Venezia. From the memory and the recorded image, stories are sought by examine all the context, and interweaving the lines and colors. The retro style is applied again: white foundation and comfortable cotton/linen fabrics are used to express the philosophy of an implied sexiness and loosefit between opaque and transparent. The cutting is aggregated and overlaid, just like the flower pistils and books. By succeeding the classic color and fabrics, with the combination of tradition, presence, and future, the fashion designing launches for a new journey.
On the other hand, the designer brand that received numerous focus during Tokyo Fashion Week, Seivson, has spent a long time to depict the modern women as the brand’s soul, and the themes are around the feminism and the female attractions. This time, Seivson’s theme, you can’t Scan me (I see you, you see me), is to interpret that everyone in the internet era is a stranger living behind text to each other, particularly the modern females attempt to conserve their own consciousness and ideas. The designer, Sheng Zi-Tsin expects to express this concept through fashion. In the collection, many items have been applied with the fabrics developed by the brand, e.g. the transparent veils, over the clothes. Such expressing method, “inside-out” and transparency, is to present the existence of modern people being seen through. Seivson also has a collaboration for men’s wear with the men’ wear brand (A)crypsis®. The style full of street fashion is also a highlight in the fashion show.
Justin Chou, the cross-industry talent, has continuously overturns the general imagination toward fashion design, and opened to the unprecedent views of fashion with cross-industry collaboration. In this season, he works with the international brand, Levi’s and Nike, to create a “sustainable fashion.” The collaborating clothes with Levi’s® stich belt buckles on the clothes with metal chains for the rock’n’roll avantgarde style. With Nike, he dismantles the hoodies, and uses the 3D cutting for the puff sleeves with tutus, to create a brand new classic romantic sports style. Have enjoyed cloth renovation ever since he was a student, Justin Chou loves to infuse a brand-new soul to an old item, and has renovate the recycled clothes to new items. In the S/S 2020, he introduces the new sub-brand “LUXXURY GODBAGE” with the core of the sustainable fashion. Through “Redesign,” “Remake,” and “Reuse,” the clothes are dismantled and restructured, so that the disposed resources are upgraded and reshaped!
Designer Huang Shen-Yao’s manifesto is to see human body as a blank canvas. He used to focus his presentations in overseas fashion weeks more, and this season is the first time he presents a full collection in his hometown, Taipei. This time, his theme is “hanging the clothes,” with which, he integrate the related people, street views, daily items, and the retro style to his design. “A sunny day with breeze is the best day to do the laundry and sunbath the duvets. Through laundry, the tiredness is washed away, and the life is refreshed.” This is the concept of the Spring/Summer 2020 collection of shen yao. From the draping shape of hanging clothes and duvet, the oversize silhouette feature of this season. The delicate fabrics, e.g. cotton-linen mixed fabrics, satin, and silk match the loose cutting, to present the light atmosphere only belongs to S/S. When hanging the clothes, the irregular silhouette created by the overlaps of multiple pieces is another inspiration highlight of shen yao. The items mix two contrasting fabrics at front/rear, or left/right; they appear to be the combination of two piece of clothes, but breach the existing boundaries and create the multiple layers.
The theme of the Taipei Fashion Week this year is “NOWism,” now is the future. The Ministry of Culture seeks to emphasize fact that the Taiwanese designers extract the learnt cultural nutrition to infuse their fashion works, and to glimpse the shape of future. The 16 fashion shows in five days are believed to bring the impacts from the rich fashion culture in Taiwan to all the visitors.