Combined with Western Fashion Element and Local Cultures Practice Elegance in the Daily Life and Challenge the Limits of Fashion Imagination

(Taipei, Oct 8, 2019) – Taipei Fashion Week SS20, hosted by the Ministry of Culture, will have four shows with totally different styles at the fourth day of brands. The shows include #DAMUR by Designer Huang, Shi-Shuan, and Sew Incorporation by Designer Yu, Chia-Ying, both interpreting the street fashion for SS 2020; as well as UUIN by Designers Liu, Zhi-Chao, Liu, Yen-Chuang, and Lin, Hung-Yu, and the “Queen of Knitting,” Gioia Pan. The latter two address the inspiration from the daily life, and apply the high-quality functional textile and environmental yarns from Taiwan to link to the strength of Taiwanese textile industry perfectly. With mix and match among different fabrics, and even colors, a creative and visual feast is expected.
Gioia Pan, the first Taiwanese designer winning the best award of Chinese fashion, “Golden Top,” is always inspired from her life continuously, and creates a sensitive fashion insights and unique view toward aesthetics. Her theme of knitting presented in the fashion week is “seeping the heart,” which “seeps” the images from old movies to luxurious clothes, to gracefully present the essence of Haute Couture. In the fashion show, she applies the environmental, water-repellent “S.Cafe yarn” produced by Singtex. The yarns are characterized with unique odor-controlling function and result a breathable light and thin fabric. It is beautiful, comfortable, while sustainable.
UUIN, addressing the special material as well, applies plenty silk organza, combining the premium functional fabrics developed in Taiwan, to produce items with “transparency” and high breathability. Through the mix and match of “prints” and “transparency,” the summer style has extended the diversity of fashion coordination. The three designers, Liu, Zhi-Chao, Liu, Yen-Chuang, and Lin, Hung-Yu have a cross-industry collaboration with the graphic designer Alice Huang, applying the amber color of brown sugar, purple-gray of yam balls, pink of strawberry condense milk, with the white and blue representing summer and shredded ice shops, for a camouflage patter which is sweet but full of characters. The geometric lines going through irregular color blocks alternatively interpret the gradual shredded ice. For the performance on the stage, they have made some extra efforts to underscore the “Ms. Ice Look” of the urban modern women. They have a collaboration with the startup designer Amber Yang, to create series of earrings with melted ice images; they also are inspired by the owner of shredded ice shops for head bands and wrap skirts as the details, to present the contrasting fun of avantgarde designs and daily lives.
Street fashion has become a mainstream in the fashion market in the recent year. Based in Germany, Huang, Shi-Shuan and his brand #DAMUR are favored by filmmakers, and always integrate the contemporary street fashions in Europe and Asia. This time, he introduces SS 006 collection, which has an elegant foundation of black and white with unwinding colors, to challenge the limits of your eyes and fashion imagination. #DAMUR bravely overturns the concepts of garment structures and traditional fabrics, to present the 3D cutting and creative details through fabrics, making the fabrics seeming different to be harmonious. The asymmetric and irregular cutting has the appealing visual effects of imbalance beauty.
Another startup designer, Yu, Chia-Ying launches the brand Sew Incorporation to tell us a “True Romance” that returns to the original heart. The show include three collections, including the elegance, simple daily wear with rich details, and semi-luxurious. Though with different features, all their cores are the concept of “returning to the original heart.” The draping fabrics, such as cotton and linen, rayon, and knitting are chosen, to combine with denim or suit fabrics for a romantic but unisex sharpness. The comfortable touch is expected to bring some tenderness to the skin and embraces the true self, which is a romance like no other. Yu, Chia-Ying is good at matching a smart style with elegant silhouette, to describe a poetic but luxurious modern street fashion. The palette of neutral and cold colors, plus delicate details, to create a casual but pragmatic style.
The theme of the Taipei Fashion Week this year is “NOWism,” now is the future. The Ministry of Culture seeks to emphasize fact that the Taiwanese designers extract the learnt cultural nutrition to infuse their fashion works, and to glimpse the shape of future. The 16 fashion shows in five days are believed to bring the impacts from the rich fashion culture in Taiwan to all the visitors.