O-Bank 2024 Shareholders Meeting Resolutions

On the 13th, the Taiwan Stock Exchange issued the "2023 Corporate Governance Assessment".  O-Bank was awarded the "Top 5% of Listed Companies" and "Top 10% of Financial Insurance Companies" for its outstanding performance in corporate governance. (On the left is Sherman Lin , Chairman of the Taiwan Stock Exchange, and on the right is  Tina Y. Lo , Chairman of O-Bank .)

Taipei, O-Bank Co., Ltd. (stock symbol: 2897.TW) held its 2024 regular Annual Shareholders Meeting on June 14, at which shareholders acknowledged the Business Report and Financial Statements for 2023, and approved a cash dividend of NT$0.425 per preferred share and NT$0.45 per common share.

O-Bank’s 2023 earnings per share (EPS) was NT$0.87, and net profit after tax in the standalone financial report was NT$2,492,419,916. Including undistributed earnings at the beginning of the period of NT$294,612,153, adjusting for undistributed earnings adjustment items, subtracting legal reserve appropriation of NT$738,431,560, and adding reversal of special reserve - pursuant to Article 41 of the Securities and Exchange Act of NT$1,222,108,898, which represents the reversal of the special reserve appropriated in 2022 due to a net decrease in ‘other equity’ deductions in 2023, as well as reversal of special reserve - training expenses for fintech development, total earnings available for distribution was NT$3,244,383,415. The proposed cash dividend was NT$0.425 per Series A preferred share and NT$0.45 per common share. Based on O-Bank’s 294,014,000 preferred shares and 2,731,053,301 common shares issued and outstanding as of end-April 2024, total preferred share cash dividends were NT$124,955,950 and total common share cash dividends were NT$1,228,973,986, with undistributed earnings of NT$1,890,453,479 at the end of the period. In the event that the number of outstanding common shares on the dividend distribution record date is impacted by factors such as preferred shareholders exercising their rights to convert preferred shares to common shares, the Shareholders Meeting has authorized the board of directors to adjust the cash dividend per common share accordingly, while keeping the total cash dividend payout for common shares unchanged.

In addition to continuously creating greater value for shareholders, O-Bank also persists in strengthening corporate governance. O-Bank was recognized by the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation 2023 Corporate Governance Evaluation with a top 5% ranking among listed companies, and a top 10% ranking among financial companies, highlighting its commitment to corporate governance and sustainable management for all shareholders.