AI Trends in the Spotlight! With AI becoming a hot topic, Computex offers even more to see. Digital Domain, with over 30 years of innovation, successfully applies its AI technology across various scenarios.

Computex opened on the 4th with large crowds in attendance. Digital Domain, in collaboration with ADATA Technology, unveiled the new "AI Virtual Human" Mera, which was prominently displayed on a 5-meter high LED screen, attracting much attention. (Photo credit:  Guligo)

Taipei, The 2024 Taipei International Computer Exhibition, also referred to as Computex, is being held from June 4 to June 7 in Taipei. This year, the exhibition has been upgraded, gathering top tech industry leaders to showcase cutting-edge technologies. Attendees have the opportunity to experience the latest technological interactions up close. Digital Domain Holdings Limited ("Digital Domain"; Stock code: 547), a pioneer in sensory experience virtualization, is participating in this year’s Computex alongside major tech companies in the AI ecosystem. They are showcasing AI-driven virtual human service applications, making it one of the highlights of the exhibition.

The world is now facing a wave of AI technology, especially virtual humans, which are set to revolutionize various industries—from customer service to advertising and gaming, and even providing real-time care advice by medical professionals, as highlighted in Jensen Huang's speech. Besides the industrially transformative robot-like digital avatars behind Jensen Huang, the integration of multilingual recognition and large language models (LLMs) to create lifelike virtual humans based on AI technology that can run on personal computers (PCs) and offer innovative experiences is drawing significant attention. Digital Domain is a pioneer in this arena, providing comprehensive virtual human software suite engines to memory module giants, system developers, and multinational consumer electronics companies, accelerating development and integration applications. This exhibition stages their technical achievements in collaboration with major tech companies.

As one of the top-tier visual effects companies rooted in Hollywood, Digital Domain has teamed up with ADATA Technology, a global leader in memory modules and flash memory, to create ADATA and XPG's brand ambassador "AI Virtual Human" Mera. This collaboration brings groundbreaking innovations in AI-driven virtual human technology to the application and development of brand-related products, presenting a fresh surprise to the general public.

Daniel Seah, CEO of Digital Domain, stated, "AI technology is being applied in diverse scenarios. Digital Domain is committed to developing practical patented technologies and actively expanding the business model of AI virtual humans." The AI virtual human Mera, developed in collaboration with ADATA, showcases real-time interactive capabilities through the hardware's ability to handle vast computations. The advancement in AI technology, with software and hardware capabilities complementing each other, promises to bring more transformative changes to the world.

Digital Domain's virtual human software, Momentum Cloud, efficiently generates content via Generative AI and enhances brand recognition through customized multimedia. This time, Digital Domain also joins hands with Glenda Optoelectronics, leveraging Glenda's years of experience in high-brightness and customized multimedia display equipment to run "AI Virtual Human" technology on their "Fantastic Vortex - WoW" circular display multimedia touch table. They demonstrate applications of bilingual AI (Chinese/English/Japanese) in service scenarios, providing a more comprehensive consumer service experience.

Technology is better viewed as an inherent part of humanity's evolution. Artificial intelligence and virtual humans are indispensable elements of the next generation. This globally impactful technological force is booming across industries. How to seize the initiative and leverage the advantages provided by AI technology to introduce better applications and provide precise information has become the strategy and goal actively pursued by various businesses.

Over 30 years of transformation, Digital Domain has gradually achieved global expansion in visual effects, virtual humans, and visualization. CEO Daniel Seah has shared that AI technology is being applied in various fields, advocating for the symbiosis of technology and art, with notable achievements across arts, entertainment, science, finance, and even healthcare.

The AI Virtual Human Mera, developed through the collaboration between Digital Domain and ADATA Technology, features AI integration for real-time interaction, making it one of the highlights at the ADATA booth. (Photo credit: Guligo)