CSR Day in Taiwan: GTO leads 17 German Firms Inspire Changhua County Students

Changhua, Taiwan – The German Trade Office Taipei (GTO) today hosted a one-day CSR Day in collaboration with 17 prominent German businesses across Taiwan at Shen Ren Elementary School in Changhua County. These German businesses transformed into one-day instructors based on their respective industries and conducted educational programs for 104 elementary school students, covering topics such as the environment, technology, safety, and sustainability. This initiative aimed to nurture children's curiosity towards the unknown in the context of globalization, while developing their international capabilities.

This marks the third consecutive year the GTO has taken CSR Day activities to elementary schools in Taiwan. What began with eight participating companies in the first year has now grown to 17, demonstrating increasing recognition and support among German businesses. Mr. Axel Limberg, Chief Representative and Executive Director of the GTO, expressed his pride in seeing German companies in Taiwan come together to pursue the goal of "sustainable inheritance and caring for the next generation." He highlighted how the CSR education courses demonstrated these companies' commitment and contribution to Taiwan's society and believed that such initiatives would enable children to understand society more comprehensively and expand their global perspectives, particularly through the cultural fusion between Germany and Taiwan.

Mr. Chin-Tien Tsai, Director-General of Department of Education, Changhua County Government, expressed his gratitude for the German businesses serving as "one-day teachers" and customizing engaging educational activities for children. He believed that these activities would instill the seeds of environmental sustainability in the students, fostering a brighter future. Ms. Tai-Ling Hsiung, Headmaster of Shen Ren Elementary School, expressed her appreciation for the rich curriculum designed by German businesses. She noted that the students learned about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) related issues through hands-on experiences, and the school would continue to promote the same ideals, hoping that every seed sown would sprout, grow, and flourish in the future.

The selection of Shen Ren Elementary School in Changhua for this CSR Day event was based on its location in a remote area classified as a rural and specific agricultural zone within the jurisdiction of Shen Gang Township. Among the schools in Shen Gang Township, it is the only one without land designated for urban development. In addition to its focus on local elements such as agriculture and the sea, the school actively connects with arts, technology, and international education, aligning perfectly with the GTO’s commitment to sustainable inheritance. Consequently, more German businesses were invited this year, with the hope that "the power of teamwork surpasses individual efforts," according to Mr. Limberg, enriching the students' knowledge base with diverse subjects.

The curriculum designed by German businesses covered topics such as environmental education, chemistry experiments, and sports. The aim was to cultivate students' curiosity through practical hands-on activities. Highlights of the courses included:

Health Education Curriculum

Carl Zeiss shared health education on oral and visual care.

Environmental Education Curriculum

Covestro (Taiwan) Ltd.’ storytelling on marine conservation aroused students' attention and curiosity about environmental issues.

Allianz Taiwan Life Insurance used board games, leading children to solve environmental issues from the perspective of urban leaders while highlighting the significance of recycling.

Bosch Taiwan introduced the current state of climate change and the impact of carbon footprints on the global environment.

TÜV Rheinland Taiwan Ltd. combined the journey of a sea captain with principles and applications of wind power, engaging students in an exciting interactive adventure.

foodpanda educated students on recycling through engaging interactive games.

Energy Education Curriculum

wpd Taiwan Energy Co. Ltd. led elementary students to understand renewable energy and the value of solar power through practical exercises.

Enercon Taiwan explained wind energy generation by showcasing the principles behind common everyday items. For younger students, it used paper airplanes to teach airflow principles and how wind turbines work.

Skyborn Renewables employed a popular picture book to introduce ocean and whale ecology while emphasizing the importance of offshore wind power for environmental sustainability and renewable energy.

Green Chemistry Curriculum

Merck Group in Taiwan used special pigments akin to watercolor painting to observe how pigments absorb and reflect light, resulting in different patterns.

BASF through the "Kids’ Lab" activity, conducted hands-on experiments, offering students a glimpse into the wonders of the world of chemistry and a better understanding of environmental protection.

Cultural Creation Curriculum

igus showcased their in-house product, the Rebel robotic arm, allowing children to experience how machine arms can assist humanity.

Infineon Technologies Taiwan Co. Ltd. sparked students' imagination by assembling small-scale simulated electric cars and highlighting the importance of sensors in driving.

Safety Curriculum

DEKRA Testing and Certification through the "DEKRA children's caps campaign" and related courses, dedicated itself to ensuring the safety of young pedestrians on the road.

Physical Education Curriculum

A STAR Football Academy led Shen Ren Elementary School students in experiencing Germany's most renowned ball sport, football.

Financial Literacy Curriculum

DWS Far Eastern Investments Limited taught children about sound financial concepts and savings through interactive games.

Agriculture and Psychology Curriculum

Bayer Taiwan, through the "Bayer Little Smart Farming " activity, nurtured the understanding of agriculture and crops among junior students. For senior students, it provided a menstrual education curriculum to dispel negative stereotypes surrounding menstruation.