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Antony Guo and Vicky Huang

Taipei---CRAFT SPORTSWEAR, a Swedish high-end sports brand specializing in outdoor ventilation and sweat-wicking clothing technology, officially entered the Taiwan market last year. With its excellent professional functions, it has become a high-end sports consumer group and a highly discussed choice for top-level sportswear; it emphasizes ventilation. The supremacy of CRAFT advertises that it can still provide users with the best sensory feedback in extreme climates, so it is favored and respected by European sports enthusiasts; for the hot and humid summer, CRAFT specially chooses ventilation, heat dissipation, and absorption Wet and quick-drying technical fabrics, while winter fabrics focus on cold resistance, warmth, and temperature control, reflecting the brand's outstanding performance in sports technology, and at the same time deeply expressing the harsh climate of Northern Europe, creating CRAFT's unique technological thinking. The reason why the brand is highly respected by many top athletes is not only the endorsement from the pilots of the Royal Swedish Air Force, but also the exclusive technology laboratory of the brand, which constantly innovates on material mechanics and synthetic fibers, demonstrates the most powerful product function advantages, and provides consumption The most elite quality, while ensuring the confidentiality of product ingredients, the brand insists on 100% independence from raw materials to production, thereby opening up the absolute advantage of CRAFT and other brands in the field of top-level functional sportswear.

CRAFT SPORTSWEAR has a wide range of product lines, ranging from jogging, training, to mountaineering and cycling, all of which are highly competitive in the market and have excellent performance. Since it officially entered Taiwan's e-commerce platform last year, it has received a lot of response from all walks of life. The brand has also received many northern consumers. Readers are eager to ask when will there be a full series of flagship stores in Taipei. After nearly a year of planning and layout, the brand officially entered the Taipei sports brand fierce battle zone-East District this month. Through the complete display of the whole series, it strives to let Consumers fully experience the charm of Nordic extreme functions from Sweden.

Sports enthusiasts in the showbiz Antony Guo and Vicky Huang
Vividly express the extremely functional charm of CRAFT SPORTSWEAR

Antony Guo and Vicky Huang, who are famous for their love of sports in the entertainment industry, were entrusted by the well-known sports brand - CRAFT SPORTSWEAR on the 10th of this month to be the opening ribbon-cutting guests of the Taipei East District store. The brand's functional clothing made its debut. During the interview, Antony Guo said that he likes riding road bikes very much. As long as the weather permits, he will participate in long-distance cycling gatherings with riders. CRAFT's cycling clothing is among professional and semi-professional riders. With a very high evaluation and sense of trust, Antony Guo further stated that although today he is not wearing the CRAFT "Super Breathable Clothes" that riders talk about, he still feels the brand's classic breathable and ventilated technology. The air-conditioned room suddenly walked outside, and I still felt the coolness of the body surface in the air-conditioned room before. I was really surprised by CRAFT’s super functional technology. At the same time, Antony Guo said that CRAFT’s professional running shoes have been used in many Internationally important marathon events have a very high appearance rate. I have worn them all day today and still feel full of comfort. Vicky Huang, who is on the side, said very seriously, because in addition to retraining and fitness, she is also very active. After participating in the marathon, after receiving the clothing and running shoes prepared by the brand last week, I found that CRAFT is not only professional in the field of clothing, but professional running shoes must have midsole support, cushioning and energy feedback, and outsole traction and control. They all performed very well. In the marathon in the second half of this year, she hopes to wear the brand's running shoes. David, the representative of the original factory, heard Vicky and Antony's favor and praise for their products at the press conference, not only I am very happy, and at the same time said that the CRAFT headquarters has been looking forward to more users who pursue top-level functions to join the ranks of brand lovers. He said on the spot that in the future, they will regularly provide Vicky and Antony 's key new products of CRAFT, which will make the two artists very happy. The press conference also came to a successful conclusion after the grand ribbon-cutting bridge. Vicky Huang and Guo Yanjun said in an exclusive interview after the press conference that they were very happy to participate in today’s brand’s opening press conference. In the market, it focuses on ventilation, heat dissipation and highly stretchable fabrics, which are really suitable for intense and summer sports. At the same time, Vicky and Antony, regarding the courtesy of the original brand factory, said that they will definitely recommend CRAFT to everyone in the future.