Taking Public Transportation to See the Dragon Boats! Event and Traffic Control Information for the 2023 Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships

Taipei---The 2023 Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships will take place from June 22nd (Thursday) to June 24th (Saturday), spanning the 3-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday. The event will be held at Dajia Riverside Park along the Keelung River. In addition to the dragon boat races, this year’s event will feature the long-awaited opening ceremony and onshore Dragon Boat Festival carnival—a favorite among children and adults alike—which have been cancelled for the past 3 years. During the event, visitors can cheer for the dragon boat athletes while enjoying various activities such as the “Egg Standing Competition”, “Limited Edition Rice Dumplings Photography Giveaway”, “Egg Cosplay Creative Contest”, and the children’s beloved “Butter Lion x Cappu Meetup”, as well as participating in sports challenges to win prizes. Everyone is welcome to visit the event and celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival together!
The event will be held for 3 days, from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and vehicular access to the water gate will be restricted. Additionally, parking areas for both small vehicles and large buses within Dajia Riverside Park will be subject to control measures. Department of Sports, Taipei City Government invites visitors to utilize public transportation when attending the event. The following traffic control measures will be implemented in the surrounding areas:
1. Controlled Areas: For Water Gate No. 10 located near No. 7 Binjiang Street and the Lin An-Tai Historical House, regular small vehicles are allowed to enter and exit. At the vicinity of Water Gate No. 9 outside the embankment, a control point is established to only permit authorized vehicles to enter and exit. Water Gate No. 8 is only open for pedestrians and bicycles. Please follow the guidance of onsite police officers and related control facilities to park vehicles and navigate within the controlled areas.
2. Bus Services to the Venue: A dedicated bus service, Route 132 Dragon Boat Special Bus, will be available. The service opens at 8:00 AM and the last bus departs at 6:00 PM (departure only from Dajia Riverside Park). The frequency of the buses is approximately every 15–30 minutes, with adjustments made based on crowd conditions. The route runs between Yuanshan MRT Station Yumen Street and the event venue at Dajia Riverside Park, with a single fare for the entire route. During the event, the regular bus route (City Minibus 9) within the controlled areawill have temporary adjustments. Stops at “Water Gate No. 9” (outbound), “Water Gate No. 8” (inbound), and “Dajia Riverside Park” will be temporarily suspended.
3. During the event, parking along the route will be prohibited in designated areas. Traffic police units will increase enforcement of towing and issuing tickets for violations. We kindly request that the public make use of the aforementioned public transportation options to commute to the venue.
Furthermore, the races on the third day, June 24th (Saturday), will be livestreamed on the YouTube channel “EBC LIVE”. We invite all dragon boat enthusiasts from both domestic and international communities to join us online, cheer passionately for the athletes, and ignite the spirit of dragon boat racing together!
For more information on the event activities and competition rules, please visit the following websites:
1. Department of Sports, Taipei City Government website (https://sports.gov.taipei/) for the latest updates
2. Official website of the 2023 Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships (dragonboat.taipei)
3. Search for “Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships” on Facebook