German Pavilion Highlights Sustainability and AI Advances in Manufacturing at TIMTOS 2023

TAIPEI, Taiwan –TAIPEI, Taiwan – DEinternational, Service Unit of the German Trade Office Taipei (GTO), is bringing 20 leading German companies to TIMTOS 2023 from 6 to 11 March and organizing the German Pavilion. The German Pavilion is not only one of the largest at the exhibition, but German exhibitors are also embracing the global trend of reducing their carbon footprint by improving the resilience of their supply chain. They are achieving this through various means, such as using advanced AI technology in manufacturing and implementing 3D printing techniques for bicycle parts. These efforts are in line with the German economy's focus on sustainability in 2023.

"At TIMTOS 2023, we have the privilege of organizing a German Pavilion to bring together the best minds in the German tool industry. This platform will provide a unique opportunity to explore sustainable technologies to reduce carbon emissions and promote environmental protection in the industry. We are particularly pleased that the participating companies are all leaders in their respective fields and will showcase practical and innovative solutions," stated Mr. Axel Limberg, Chief Representative and Executive Director of the German Trade Office Taipei.

Mr. Limberg emphasized: "German companies have a well-deserved reputation for delivering cutting-edge innovations and high-quality products. TIMTOS 2023 continues this legacy by showcasing companies with a focus on artificial intelligence and sustainable practices. The participating companies demonstrate that progress and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, and we are eager to see what new insights and breakthroughs will emerge from this exchange between German and Taiwanese industries. This is an exciting opportunity to advance a better future for all. "

On Monday, a VIP tour including President Tsai Ing-wen and Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan Cheng Wen-Tsan also stopped over at the German Pavilion. Ms. Leonie Yang, General Manager of the DE, welcomed the tour members and introduced the German Pavilion to them.

At TIMTOS 2023, a total of 37 German companies participated in the exhibition, and the German Pavilion, which was located at 4F, Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, teamed up with 20 German brands to showcase cutting-edge technology in the global metalworking ecosystem, including processing equipment, controllers, peripherals, tools and solutions that make metalworking smarter, more energy-efficient and more efficient. "Artificial intelligence" and "carbon emission reduction" are the core values of the exhibitors in the German Pavilion. Many German machinery manufacturers have developed comprehensive digital monitoring software and hardware mechanisms, such as new technologies for factory gas emission monitoring and energy control, which are the new highlights of the exhibition. Ten exhibitors will showcase their products and services on site (see attached schedule).

The following are all German companies that will be featured at the event(M0320-N0410):

Blum Production Metrology Co. LTD (Booth no.: M0320), CYTEC ZYLINDERTECHNIK GmbH (Booth no.: N0434), DREISTERN GmbH&Co.KG(Booth no.: M0428), GTW-DR. TECHNOLOGY AND BEARINGS, LTD. (Booth no.: M0334), GUHRING(Booth no.: N0408), HAINBUCH WORKHOLDING TECHNOLOGY(Booth no.: N0402), HAWE Hydraulik(Booth no.: M0432), ifm(Booth no.: M0426), Oelheld GmbH (Booth no.:N0406), LIAN HENG Enterprise CO., LTD (Booth no.: M0328), OPEN MIND Technologies Taiwan Inc. (Booth no.: N0410), peiseler(Booth no.: M0424), Precitec GmabH & Co.KG (Booth no.: M0326), Road Ahead Technologies Consultant Corp. (Booth no.: N0310), SMW Autoblok Coorporation (Booth no.: N0420), VOLLMER(Booth no.: N0304), WTO Werkzeug - Einrichtungen GmbH(Booth no.: M0332), XMAC GLOBAL CO., LTD (Booth no.: N0306), ZF Group(Booth no.: N0404), Zimmer Group Asia Ltd.( Booth no.: N0302)

Happy Hours at the German Pavilion(Stand No. M0427):

The German Pavilion invites you to join us for our traditional "Happy Hour" event, taking place from March 6th to 11st. Complimentary beverages and Brezel Snacks will be available on request throughout the day on-site of exhibition, including German sparkling water (Rosbacher) and coffee (sponsored by KE@Home). In addition, from 3 PM to 6 PM daily, limited selected wines (sponsored by BASTET CO., LTD.) and Erdinger Weissbier beer (Millenia Commercial) will be also provided for exhibitors and buyers alike to enjoy.