MOL Training Forum Looks at Green Talents, German Trade Office Taipei Shares EUREM Localization Experience

TAIPEI, Taiwan –On August 30 and 31, Taiwan's Workforce Development Agency (MOL) held the "2022 Vocational Training International Seminar- The Future for Smart Manufacturing & Green Interdisciplinary Talent Vocational Training" for two consecutive days. On the 31st, the event was titled "Trend of Green Cross-disciplinary Talent Cultivation". Mr. Axel Limberg, Executive Director of the German Trade Office Taipei, was invited to share his insights on training talents for green leaders from the perspective of international enterprises, as well as to share the experience of Germany's EUREM course on effective electric power management, which was introduced to Taiwan for the first time to recruit local students. He was particularly impressed by the 100% completion rate of the course, which also showed the urgent demand of the enterprises in Taiwan for knowledge and technology of effective energy management. 

Mr. Limberg, Director of the German Trade Office Taipei, shared with the audience how the German industry is facing the world trend of energy transformation, and he believes that what needs to be transformed is not only energy but also "human resources" itself. The existing employees need to be given more new concepts from practical experience. He said, "The challenge of the energy transition for German companies is also now ongoing. The success of the energy transformation is based on two pillars: the recognition of technology itself and, equally important, the ability of all those involved in the business transformation to fully embed innovative ideas in their work.”  In the specific case of Germany, many power plants that originally used traditional energy sources for generation have invested a lot of resources in on-the-job education and training of the force's operators in renewable energy. Through the education and training of talents at all levels, it has also become a stable cornerstone to strengthen enterprises in the face of energy transformation changes, which also allows Germany to have sufficient energy transformation experts, similar to EUREM such certified educational courses were born, and also widely recognized by the German business community.  

The core value of the EUREM program, which was first introduced to Taiwan from Germany, is to emphasize that "smart use is energy saving" under the existing energy supply. In terms of figures, if 10% of Taiwan's existing industrial energy consumption is saved, this is equivalent to a saving of 1.5 TWh of electricity, which is enough to offset 50% of Taiwan's existing nuclear power generation and reduce carbon emissions by 16 million tons, with an estimated saving of 26 billion NTD.  “We have seen all the participants which are started also finished the course, so we’ve lost none of our participants, which is a good signal," said Mr. Limberg. In particular, the high degree of flexibility of the online course not only overcame the disruption of the epidemic, but also allowed participants from all over Taiwan to participate in the course regardless of geographic location and became a concrete practice of reducing carbon emissions in real life without the need to travel. In the final project, the students were asked to effectively manage electricity consumption in their respective industries, which demonstrates the spirit of carbon reduction and is more in line with the spirit of the course.  

Especially at this moment when the world is concerned about green energy, it has become a trend to promote energy in-service education. The highly recognized professional courses in Germany have come to Taiwan, and the high acceptance of the students is a positive result. Mr. Limberg believes that under the close cooperation between Taiwan and Germany in trade, the sharing of wisdom in energy technology is expected to become a new successful example for international enterprises to exchange experiences successfully.  

Learn more about the EUREM Energy Efficiency Training our website: https://taiwan.ahk.de/eurem-energy-efficiency-training