DBS Bank Taipei Branch joining hands with Far Eastern New Century to launch Taiwan first blue loan Committing to the development of water resources and ocean sustainability

Taipei - DBS Taiwan has a strong commitment towards pursuing sustainable development, and continues to develop innovative and diverse green financial services to clients. DBS Bank Taipei Branch recently announced that it has signed a three-year NT$1 billion blue loan with Far Eastern New Century. The blue loan, which aims to support the existing or new blue projects, is not only the first of its kind in Taiwan but also the first blue loan for DBS Group. DBS Bank Taipei Branch, partners with Far Eastern New Century, will join hands to progress further on sustainability journey, and take the sustainable and responsible finance to a new milestone.

Proceeds from the blue loan will be utilized for the purposes of water treatment and ocean protection, which support the investment in specific blue projects such as water sanitation, clean water supply, ocean-friendly and water-friendly products or marine ecological restoration. The use of proceeds and project achievements should also be reported periodically. Far Eastern New Century has been working in-depth on circular economy for more than 30 years, not only being a member of the global green supply chain but also making excellent use of its unique technology in ocean waste recovery and recycling to conserve the ocean ecosystems. Since 2016, it has been cooperating with the world brand client adidas and Parley for the Oceans, an NGO, in ocean recycled yarns development projects. As of the end of 2021, Far Eastern New Century successfully collected more than 11,000 metric tons of ocean waste plastics transforming them into nearly 60 million pairs of high-end sneakers. By meeting the selection criteria of the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles and the Guidelines for Blue Finance, this blue loan facility will support Far Eastern New Century’s aims for these eligible blue projects and expand the company’s sources of fund to take more blue actions.

Tony Luo, Head of Institutional Banking Group of DBS Taiwan said, “Ocean is one of the earth’s most valuable natural resources. It is one of the main repositories of the world’s biodiversity and an essential component of climate regulation. Moreover, Taiwan's unique geographical environment makes water resources even more precious.” He added, “As long-term partners, DBS Taiwan and Far Eastern New Century have jointly developed an innovative financing to enable the funds of the blue loan directly devoted in the existing and future innovative projects related to clean water resources protection and ocean-friendly infrastructures investment. The joint efforts will set the best practices to sustainable developments and encourage more enterprises to contribute towards a sustainable water and ocean economy.”

David Wang, CFO of Far Eastern New Century, said, “Sustainability and innovation are already embedded in the Far Eastern New Century’s DNA”. As the market leader in sustainable finance in Taiwan, Far Eastern New Century always takes the role as pioneer in finance innovation and is, up till now, the only enterprise issuer that has issued three kinds of sustainable bonds in Taiwan capital market including green, sustainability and social bonds. The first blue loan in Taiwan with DBS Bank will enable Far Eastern New Century to devote itself more to ocean-friendly and water resources protection so that the company can move forward steps to way in clean and sustainable operations and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in the near coming future.