Heterogeneous Integration Chip-let System Package Alliance Established to Expand Market Opportunities

Hsinchu, Taiwan---The development of AI and 5G has boosted the demand for high-end semiconductor chips. In order to enhance critical capabilities of Taiwan’s chip industry for this emerging market, the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Taiwan, has supported ITRI to establish the Heterogeneous Integration Chip-let System Package Alliance (Hi-CHIP). This alliance will help create a complete ecosystem covering package design, testing and verification, and pilot production, which will achieve the goal of supply chain localization and expand business opportunities.

According to DoIT, the global semiconductor industry is keen to develop heterogeneous chip integration processes, yet there is no effective solution to realize the high-mix low-volume manufacturing required. The Hi-CHIP alliance will provide a trial production platform to assist relevant industry players in accelerating time-to-market.

Dr. Chih-I Wu, Vice President and General Director of the Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories at ITRI and Chairman of Hi-CHIP, pointed out that to meet the demand for integrating multiple chips onto a miniaturized system-in-package that enhances functionality, a chiplet-based approach can be adopted to solve challenges such as heat dissipation and signal cascading while reducing costs. He emphasized that multi-dimensional chip designs and heterogeneous packaging integration will be the key to the development of semiconductor industry.

“With the support of DoIT, ITRI has started early to develop advanced packaging technology as well as material and equipment upgrades for heterogeneous integration. The new alliance will provide an AIoT system application platform and one-stop services,” said Dr. Wu. He notes that with the process and testing equipment in place, the industry will scale up its production capacity and enable supply chain localization. Hi-CHIP will also work with international alliances such as AITA and CHIPS to jointly promote the growth of the semiconductor industry.

Members of Hi-CHIP currently include semiconductor heavyweights in Taiwan. It is hoped that the alliance will join hands with supply chain players to create custom orders and strengthen core process capabilities, gaining a cutting-edge in the competitive market.