Schneider Electric's ADMS Solutions Help Utility Businesses Achieve Smart Energy Transformation


  • The best tool to integrate the advantages of renewable energy and configure the smart grid
  • ADMS solutions are used by 81 utility companies and serve 100 million end-customers globally
  • ADMS recognized as a market leader with unmatched outage response, optimized grid operations, and distributed energy resource (DER) management by Gartner

Taipei – With increased challenges to utilities including climate change and regulatory pressure, obtaining greater renewable energy reserves is a key priority for countries around the world. Taiwan, heavily reliant on imported energy, is no exception. To realize Taiwan’s energy transformation vision, the government has set a goal of achieving 25% renewable energy by 2025. However, converting grids, operating costs and natural disasters are all key issues for Taiwanese utility companies. The EcoStruxure™ Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) from Schneider Electric, a digital transformation leader in the field of energy management and automation, uses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to integrate the advantages of renewable energy into the grid, greatly improves efficiency and stability, and creates future-ready smart power distribution.

According to statistics from the Bureau of Energy, solar power accounted for more than one-fifth of Taiwan’s self-produced energy from January to May 2021. With renewable energy gradually rising, new issues emerge. Not only is the power dispatch more severe, drastic adjustments to the operation schedule may also lead to unexpected power outages. In the era of digitization, decentralization and decarbonization, advanced power distribution management systems are the best tool to overcome the intermittent and instability of renewable energy. Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ ADMS combines more than 50 advanced functional solutions such as power distribution management (DMS) and power outage management (OMS). All systems run on a common platform and database to provide a consistent user interface. Assets, status, and conditions are imported into the control centre to monitor, model, and manage resources in real time as well as offer complete planning, operation, simulation, and analysis functions for the power distribution system of public utilities.

Schneider Electric's ADMS solution has provided services to more than 80 utility companies with over 100 million end-users around the world. It has also successfully implemented the best management of smart grids in Europe, USA as well as many countries in Asia Pacific (Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, etc). For instance, Schneider Electric announced a partnership with Endeavor Energy, a South Australian power grid company, to provide safe and reliable energy to more than 2.4 million people through ADMS solutions. For a grid that is hundreds of kilometres long, it used to take Endeavor field personnel several hours to reach and assess the situation. Schneider Electric’s ADMS system centralizes the information and makes many grid structures clear at a glance. The team can now assess the status and restore most of the power on the line within one minute; an invaluable resource in remote areas.

Achieving sustainability through power distribution is a key goal for Schneider Electric, renowned industry body Gartner have recognized Schneider Electric as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Advanced Distribution Management Systems for many years in a row. ADMS technology received the highest scores for all three targeted use cases: improved outage response, optimized grid operations and distributed energy resource (DER) management. Furthermore, this February Schneider Electric also ranked as the world’s most sustainable corporation by Corporate Knights and was praised for helping companies set sustainability goals in response to climate change and gradually narrowing the gap between the current stage and goals. For grid management and achieving sustainability targets, Schneider Electric and ADMS is the perfect partner.