As Taiwan’s smartest and leading organisations have long realised, great customer service is an essential component of a successful business. Happy customers drive repeat sales, spread the news about positive reputations, and ensure a business has a healthy robust future.
To the benefit of all Taiwan consumers, the Inaugural Reader’s Digest 2020 Quality Service Awards recognise the businesses with the happiest, most satisfied customers — while encouraging the return of genuine customer service to our lives and culture.
In a world where we are put on hold, placed in a queue, spoken to by machines and 'processed' by people in remote call centers, outstanding customer service is both a rare commodity and a distinct business advantage. Reader’s Digest is committed to ensuring those companies with the highest customer service standards are recognised and rewarded. 
Reader’s Digest has conducted the Quality Service Awards successfully in Australia and New Zealand for the past 7 years, and this award is being introduced for the first time to the 5 Asian markets in 2020. 
Reader’s Digest commissioned leading market research company Catalyst Research to independently survey a representative sample of 5000 consumers across the five key regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia.
To qualify to vote, survey respondents needed to have recently used a service across 30 industries, including supermarkets, resort hotels, gyms and pharmacies. Survey respondents were also asked to rank their experience of the selected companies according to five key questions:
Personalisation Was an individual customer experience provided?
Understanding Was a genuine insight into the customer’s needs demonstrated?
Simplicity Was dealing with the company quick and easy?
Reliability Was a consistently high-quality service delivered?
Satisfaction Was the customer’s expectation met or, even better, exceeded?
Winners were then determined by comparing the rating received by each service provider within a category. The highest rated company was judged as the Winner, with the closest following company judged as Silver.   
Category winners, and full details of the survey results, appear in the latest issue of READER'S DIGEST.
The local government services of Taichung City Government and Taoyuan City Government have both won awards. Taiwan Insurance services Nanshan Life Insurance and Shin Kong Life Insurance have also achieved outstanding results. Pharmacy chain Great Tree Pharmacy has topped its category, large enterprises such as Fubon, Uni-President, and Cathay also received awards. Adapting with the new lifestyle trends, Foodpanda and Uber Eats food delivery platforms, Fitness Factory and World Gym fitness centers, Ruenfu and Chang Gung Health and Culture Village, etc. have all won an award this year.
More information on the Quality Service Award category winners and details on the survey, which  is 100% voted by consumers, would be published in the latest January 2020 issue of Reader’s Digest Asia magazine. Alternatively, please visit the Quality Service Awards website at www.qualityserviceawards.asia/taiwan/ for more information.
Congratulations to the organisations that has been recognised with a 2020 Quality Service Award. If you would like logo materials for your own promotion of this achievement, or more information please email Wang Ting Ting at Ting.Wang@rd.com.
STRICT EMBARGO – Please note, any publishing or promotional activity of your success is strictly embargoed until 7th January, 2020. Thank you for your co-operation.