2019 GTO German Business Day X Regent Taipei Oktoberfest

In cooperation with the Regent Taipei, the German Trade Office Taipei (GTO) has attracted over 560 distinguished guests to attend this year’s GTO German Business Day at the Regent Taipei Oktoberfest.
Axel Limberg, Chief Representative and Executive Director of the German Trade Office Taipei, stated: “The Oktoberfest is Germany’s most famous festival and has become an important ambassador for German culture all over the world. It brings people from all walks of life together and lets them forget their stressful daily life. We are very delighted to celebrate this great folk festival with our Taiwanese friends and to share this integral part of German amusement culture with them.”
Among the guests of the event were Yu Cheng-Wei, Director General of Bureau of Energy, Dr. Thomas Prinz, Director General of the German Institute, Chang Chung-Liang, Vice president of Taiwan Power Company, and Tom Chou, Deputy Chairperson of International Affairs Advisory Council/spokesperson of the Taipei City Government. The event commenced with the traditional “Tapping the Beer Keg” ceremony, in which Executive Director Axel Limberg opened the first barrel of beer by affixing and opening the tap.
It was the fourth time that the German Trade Office Taipei organized this event. The event featured live music by the German band Show Express, all-you-can-drink Erdinger draft beer and authentic German food.
By organizing this year’s GTO German Business Day at the Regent Oktoberfest, the German Trade Office Taipei aimed at introducing this unique part of German culture to the Taiwanese business community. Furthermore, the event was intended to facilitate the business exchange between Taiwanese and German companies and thus be beneficiary to the further development of the trade relations between Germany and Taiwan.