THAIFEX and Anuga renew their commitment to Asia through THAIFEX-Anuga ASIA

The refreshed brand unites two leading F&B tradeshows - THAIFEX-World of Food Asia and Anuga - to facilitate improved knowledge-sharing, and expand opportunities for businesses to bring greater value to buyers, exhibitors and visitors
TAIPEI, 24 SEPTEMBER 2019 – THAIFEX-World of Food Asia has rebranded to further align with its parent exhibition in Europe, Anuga – the world’s largest F&B tradeshow with a century of history. The collaboration of the two power brands will be a gateway of choice for international companies looking to enter Asia, one of the largest economic zones in the world, and will serve as an international platform for rapidly-expanding Asian businesses. THAIFEX-Anuga ASIA will bring attendees the latest insights taking the F&B industry by storm, and expose them to a wide network of quality buyers and visitors. 
16 Years of Excellence
THAIFEX-World of Food Asia is co-organised by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) and Koelnmesse. The synergies in the public-private partnership have enabled the trade fair to grow by over 370% in visitorship numbers with a total area of more than 131,000 square meters with the number of exhibitors more than 2,700 companies from 42 countries.
The focus of the trade fair remains unchanged – to catalyse business, trade and networking opportunities for the industry. The refreshed brand of THAIFEX - Anuga ASIA affirms the global standard of the trade fair as a springboard for F&B businesses in Thailand and Asia to connect with the rest of the world. THAIFEX - Anuga ASIA is without a doubt a key business-to-business gateway for the F&B industry.” said Wittayakorn Maneenetr, Deputy Director - General of DITP.
For the up - coming event which will be held from 26 to 30 May 2020, all the participants are expecting to explore special activities and additional highlights involves 9 zones as follows:
(1) The "Street Food to the World" zone : Bringing Street Food entrepreneurs with quality products that surely meet international standards and are ready to be exported to the world.
(2) The "New Protein Sources (Insect / Plant)" zone : Giving information on New Protein Sources (Insect / Plant) as well as showing new protein source products processed from both insects and plants.
(3) The "Free - form Products" zone : Providing information on Free - form Products in various categories, such as Gluten - free / Lactose - free / Glucose - free / MCFA - free / Chemical – free.
(4) The “The Best of Functional Food” zone : Exhibiting information on Functional Food / Novelty Food / Vegan as well as products.
(5) The “Excellence Food Ingredients and the Hidden Story of Fish Sauce / Sriracha Sauce / Coconut Cream & Milk” zone : Giving information on food ingredients and product true stories about fish sauce, Sriracha and coconut milk.
(6) The "Asia’s Herb to the World" zone : Displaying fresh and processed herbal products being used in the food and beverage industry.
(7) The “Asia's Best Franchises” zone : Gathering the leading Thai and international operators in the food and drink industry with the potential franchises to present their business in order to attract visitors and create business opportunities together. 
(8) The "New Faces: The Regional Oriented" zone : The introduction of new food and beverage entrepreneurs with international quality and potential products originated from the Thai local businessmen.
(9) "The Standard of Organics", "Halal to The World", 60+ and Mom & Kids’s Products zones : Bringing innovative products in food and beverage from various newly entrepreneurs.
“We are excited to bring the Anuga brand to Asia through THAIFEX-Anuga ASIA. Anuga's celebrated history and reputation, combined with the local flavours from incumbent THAIFEX-World of Food Asia brings a powerful combination of expertise and networking. The rebranding will bring together the portfolios of both shows to expand cross-border outreach in terms of exhibitors and visitors. Industry resources on regional and global food trends will also cement the show’s platform as a trusted avenue for knowledge-sharing and trade deals in Europe and Asia.” said Wendy Lim, General Manager, Koelnmesse, co-organiser of THAIFEX-Anuga ASIA.
Greater Value for Visitors
Visitors can also expect deeper insights, and greater knowledge-sharing and camaraderie between economies. The cooperation between the two mega shows will see a curated list of VIP buyers and heavyweight industry names in attendance for the highly-successful hosted buyer programme, 2020
CONNEX360. Exhibitors and visitors can also look forward to exciting side events created from the smorgasbord of content between the two shows.
Through the new and improved offerings, THAIFEX-Anuga ASIA is well on its way to hit its own ambitious target of growing visitorship numbers by 20% in 2 years. The new brand will also pave the way for increased global participation, with new country entrants such as Austria expected next year. 
With an increased scale and elevated quality, THAIFEX-Anuga ASIA 2020 promises a holistic programme to better equip the F&B industry with tools to stay ahead of the curve and solve pressing issues faced.
“Together, we will reinforce THAIFEX-Anuga ASIA as a platform for visitors from all over the world to interact, exchange ideas and shape the future of the F&B industry. Look forward to an immersive and multi-sensory experience that is guaranteed to excite your senses.” said Nannatee Wiboonchutikula,  Director of Thai Trade Office, Taipei.
THAIFEX-Anuga ASIA 2020 will take place from 26-30 May at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand. More information about the event is available here:
Website: www.thaifex-anuga.com
Facebook: THAIFEX-Anuga ASIA
Email: thaicom.taipei@msa.hinet.net