Singapore Airlines (SIA) will be introducing a new in-flight Taiwanese dining experience for Business Class customers on flights departing Taiwan from September 2019. This was created in collaboration with MIPON Restaurant of Grand Mayfull Hotel. 
Developed as part of SIA’s Authentically Asian programme, which introduces end-to-end authentic dining concepts for different Asian cuisines, Shi Quan Wei Mei 「食全味美」features Taiwanese dishes created using fresh seasonal ingredients sourced locally and prepared using cooking methods unique to Taiwanese cuisine.  
From September to November, the Shi Quan Wei Mei Autumn set menu will feature a platter for the cold appetiser that includes smoked duck, chive roll and baby abalone in Taiwanese Five Flavour sauce. To create an authentic Taiwanese dining experience, customers who select a Shi Quan Wei Mei menu can expect a side dish, such as pickled cucumber in plum sauce. For the main course, the Autumn menu features MIPON’s well-known classic Taiwanese Stir Fried Sanbei Chicken with basil served with quinoa rice, followed by a dessert of snow fungus with lily bulb and dried date soup to round off a wonderful dining experience. 
The launch of Shi Quan Wei Mei in Taiwan demonstrates SIA’s commitment to greater personalisation in its in-flight dining offerings, which the Airline believes is key to creating an even more memorable travel experience. Shi Quan Wei Mei also supports the Airline’s “From Farm to Plane” concept introduced in 2017, which promotes environmental sustainability and supports local farming communities, through featuring Taiwanese local produce which are in season.
Other recent personalisation efforts by the Airline include being the world’s first airline to offer system wide pre-ordering services for First, Business and Premium Economy passengers, and the world’s first airline to offer an enhanced childmeal programme where parents of young flyers will be able to pre-order meals from three different cuisine types.
Ms. Betty Wong, Singapore Airlines’ Divisional Vice President Inflight Services & Design, says “Shi Quan Wei Mei illustrates SIA’s innovative spirit and the commitment to continuously improve its cabin products and services. We are pleased to offer our Business Class customers a truly authentic Taiwanese dining experience that is both wholesome and flavourful using the freshest seasonal ingredients. Shi Quan Wei Mei is a key initiative of the Airline’s strategy in continuing to deliver personalised experiences for our customers, while stepping up in-flight sustainability efforts.” 
MIPON Restaurant is renowned for its authenticity in Taiwanese cuisine, pursuing creativity in presentation while still retaining the classic flavours. MIPON Restaurant has received commendations from the Michelin Guide in 2018 and 2019. To satisfy the palate of SIA’s discerning customers, MIPON’s Chef Yung-Hua Chen created a menu in consideration of the most important features of Taiwanese cuisine: localness and freshness. “It is our honor to work with Singapore Airlines to design a meal that combines all cultural elements of Taiwanese cuisine. We strike a delicate balance by integrating the different cultures that have influenced Taiwanese cuisine, along with the freshest ingredients using traditional cooking methods. It is our hope that every passenger will experience the classic tastes of authentic Taiwanese cuisine,” Chen says.
Business Class customers may pre-order Shi Quan Wei Mei, as well as other main courses from the in-flight menu via the Airline’s website or mobile app anytime from three weeks before travel up to 24 hours before flight departure.