FROM TAIWAN! The world’s best-tasting MITA Brown Sugar Bubble with Fresh Milk opens on 6/7 in Brunei

MITA TEA SHOP opens on 6/7 in Brunei

       Taiwanese bubble tea has taken the world by storm. Chewy with a sugary aroma, “Brown Sugar Bubble” satisfies the sweet teeth of Southeastern Asians. MITA TEA SHOP, the top brand in brown sugar drinks in Taiwan, will open its first overseas store, Time Square Shop, on the ground floor of Times Square Shopping Centre, a top-three department store in Brunei. It will hold a trial run on May 5th, and the store officially opens on June 7th. The group plans to open five company-owned stores in Brunei and to enter into the East Malaysian market on its way into Southern Asia.
Best-tasting in the world, loved in Taiwan
     Founded in 1993, the Mita Dining Group has ten chain brands in such industries as Italian dining, leisure tea houses, Japanese hot pots, Japanese skewered food on rice, handmade bakery, and brown sugar beverages. It has close to 90 company-own stores in Taiwan. It plans to invest five million American dollars to open new stores in 2019, anticipating to bring that number to break 100 by year end. Of those stores, MITA TEA SHOP has evolved from the oldest tea beverage company in Taiwan and it 30 years of experience in making bubble black tea. Using raw materials from Taiwan Sugar Company, we hand stir fry every day. Using traditional methods and in low heat, we stir unceasingly for 1,440 times to make the sugar fragrant, sweet, but not greasy. We take eight steps of brewing to make pearls with molasses. They are sweet, fragrant, and chewy the moment they enter the mouth. They give a charming layered feeling. In only the second year of its life, MITA was invited to open stores at Eslite and Breeze, the former being on the CNN Travel list of the world's coolest department stores and the latter being a top department store in Taiwan. MITA has become the leading brand of brown sugar products in Taiwan.
First store in Brunei   Locally managed
      Chin PV, general manager of SK Communication Service, graduated from Queensland University with an MBA degree. He owns the rights to manage several companies. SK provides professional point-of-sales systems for department stores, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, and fast-food chains. Its products can help its customers improve their traditional business, making their business more reasonable, and helping them revolutionize their business so they may stand out in their fiercely competitive markets.
          Optimistic about the prospect of MITA TEA SHOP, Chin PV signed on to become MITA TEA SHOP 's general agency in Brunei and founded YMS Enterprise to dedicate to manage, develop, and authorize MITA TEA SHOP business in Brunei. YMS Enterprise, in conjunction with Mita Dining Group’s 30-year experience in dining and the planning of professional teams, we believe, will enable MITA TEA SHOP to develop well and greatly impact Southeast Asia.
Professional quality   International certifications
           YMS Enterprise is bent on providing good things. It makes all of its products with the goal of making people at ease and safe. Muslims account for 80% of the population. To tap into the Muslim market, all materials are halal certified, and all imported food is SGS, HACCP, and ISO 22000 certified in Taiwan. Furthermore, Mita Dining Group offers support of headquarters dining professionals. Pricing is established according to local market data, such as the three major indexes: Big Mac index, GDP, and local Starbucks prices. The professionals at the MITA headquarters provide wide-ranging assistance, such as precise assessments, training, and internships before opening, on-site assistance and consulting, and from time to time training for new product launches or review courses. They provide YMS Enterprise with powerful support and service. Once YMS Enterprise has won over the Islamic market in Brunei, it can leverage its more than 20 years of experience in international branding to gradually expand internationally to jointly make Mita Dining Group an internationally renowned dining brand.