The Official Launch of the World’s First Online/Offline Multifaceted Ink Art Platform: INK NOW Art Expo

 Left: Managing Director and Restaurant Food of Regent Taipei Simon Wu, Chairman of American Express Taiwan Ben Kuo, INK NOW Founder and Chairman Calvin Hui, INK NOW Artistic Director Emerson Wang

                 Running from 18 -21 January 2019 in Taipei

(26 Oct 2018) The world’s first online/offline multifaceted ink art platform INK NOW announced today of its new art expo taking place from 18-21 January 2019 in Expo Dome, Taipei Expo Park, Taipei. The press conference was a great success with influential local and regional guests (including artists, collectors, gallerists, museum directors and scholars, etc.) attending and over 40 journalists across Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan witnessing this special moment of INK NOW.
Delineating from the idea of ‘Oriental Origin in Contemporary Expression’, INK NOW aims at, by consolidating the existing abundant resources in the contemporary art market, establishing an open, international, multifaceted art platform that integrates academic discussions and collectors’ engagement, as well as promotes ink art and ink-related culture.
With American Express as the Lead Sponsor co-hosting a series of art projects, and Regent Taipei as the official Hotel Partner providing exquisite accommodation services, the first edition of INK NOW Art Expo will invite leading galleries, artists, ink specialists and art professionals across Asia to showcase world-class ink art and participate in academic seminars, from traditional to contemporary ink on paper and digital ink installation.
Mr. Calvin Hui, Founder and Chairman of INK NOW, says, ‘In 1950s, Master Hsiao Chin and Master Liu Kuo-sung came to Taiwan and established Tong Fang Art Group and Fifth Moon Art Group respectively and successively, advocating the spirit to learn from tradition and innovate for the future. Beginning from Taiwan, they travelled across the world with the cultural mission and tremendously influenced the development of Chinese contemporary art, such as the revolution in ink art. And after 60 years, the art market is now completely open, and I think it is high time to build a large-scale art expo platform that can precisely represent the Eastern spirit in the international art market. I strongly believe that the market has the capacity for an art platform that upholds the spirit of ‘Oriental Origin in Contemporary Expression.’
‘Thus, what is behind INK NOW is the concept of ‘More than Art Fair, and More than Ink’ and a multifaceted, international, integrated platform with an aim to enhancing our cultural identity and strengthening the voice of Eastern spirit in the contemporary art market which has been dominated by Western values. I hope that INK NOW will become a more diverse, open, and inclusive art platform through our online and offline activities and large-scale expos, attracting more art professionals and collectors to join.’ He continues.

As a brand-new international art platform, not only will INK NOW attract collectors from all over the world for visit, but also pave the way for Taiwanese galleries to get the access to the global art market, further promoting ink art overseas.