2023 Colorful Christmas in Taipei! Create more than 80 bright Christmas lighting decorations! Beautiful colorful lights and exciting activities shine all over Taipei!

Taipei, Taiwan---How are you preparing for Christmas ?  Come to Taipei to experience the strong festive atmosphere! The Taipei City Commerce Department collaborated with the city's 15 major department store operators to jointly create more than 80 Christmas lighting displays, and held the " 2023 Colorful Christmas in Taipei" event from December 1 , 2020 to January 1 , 2023. This year , it will be " "Light of Reindeer" is the theme, and is divided into three major areas: Xinyi District is "Light of Taming Dreams", East District is "Light of Taming Dreams" and other districts are "Light of Taming Stars", with various dazzling and colorful lighting decorations Lighting up the entire city of Taipei, not only that, Xinyi District is also decorated with 12 sky bridges, allowing people to walk on the romantic sky bridges and capture the beautiful lights!

There are also more than 40 department store exhibitions and performances. Christmas is coming to Taipei. Take a city journey of lighting, music, art and wonderful shopping experience. Surrounded by dazzling lights, you can feel Taipei’s unique Christmas atmosphere. It also held 16 "Light Taming for All" flash mob activities, inviting everyone to join hands in looking for the mysterious traces of this year's limited deer flash mob team. Take photos and check in and upload them to the fan club of the Commercial Department to participate in the lucky draw. The biggest prize is NT$ 20,000 gift certificate for designated department stores !

The mayor celebrates Christmas together and experiences the bright romance of winter in Taipei City

Taipei City Mayor Jiang Wanan said that Taipei City is an international city, and this year it was selected into the " Top 100 Best Cities in the World in 2024 ". The global brand consulting agency " Resonance Consultancy " evaluated factors such as safety, culture, and economic prosperity. More than 270 large cities with a population of more than 1 million were evaluated to list the top 100 most livable, tourist and investment cities in the world; Taipei City jumped from 61st to 42nd this year , and won the first place in restaurants and food. 9th place , 12th place in shopping section . Thanks to the investment and efforts of various industries, Taipei City will continue to optimize the tourism experience and launch more in-depth and high-quality activities through public-private collaboration to attract domestic and foreign friends. By revisiting Taipei and experiencing Taipei, they will fall in love with Taipei's diversity, friendliness, convenience and safety. .

The Taipei City Government is committed to promoting industrial development during the Christmas season. This year's Colorful Christmas in Taipei" not only combines the resources of the city's 15 major department store operators to jointly create 80 colorful Christmas lighting landscaping , but also 12 sky bridges in Xinyi District In addition to embellishment with romantic lighting, the city's dazzling lighting will be promoted more intensively , allowing Taipei City to sparkle with romantic light on the winter nights in December , attracting people to come and visit, take photos and check-in Christmas itineraries. Here, you can feel the rich experience The strong Christmas atmosphere further drives industrial business opportunities .

"Light Taming for All" ! Look for the Deer Flash Mob Team to take photos and win department store gift certificates

Christmas is coming to Taipei ! For the first time, a total of 16 "Light Taming" pop-up events will be held in Taipei. During the event, every Friday and Saturday, in three major areas of the city: "Taming Light" in Xinyi District and "Taming Light of Dreams" in East District. ” and other areas “Light of the Reining Star”, there are more than 80 Christmas lighting peripherals. Friends at home and abroad are invited to come together and look for the limited-time mysterious character — the Deer Flash Mob Team. The cute reindeer who likes shiny things bring it with them. The mysterious friends will appear near the beautiful lighting decorations, find lucky friends from the flash mob team, take photos and check in together and share them on the fan club event post of the Commerce Department to participate in the lottery. The winner can designate a department store in the city. Gift certificates, the maximum prize is up to 20,000 yuan ! Come and meet the Lulu Flash Mob Team, seize the tail of 2023 together , and jointly create our own dazzling and romantic Christmas memories !

More than 40 guest performances, everything you need to enjoy the carnival until New Year’s Eve !

You must come to Taipei City for Christmas ! More than 40 gatherings and performances, music, art, lighting, and markets are all available, such as: "500 Party 2023 " outdoor concert at Taipei 101 from December 1 to December 3 and markets, from December 9 to December 24 at the Uni-President Department Store Taipei store " 2023 BON NADAL Barcelona Christmas Avenue " combining Spanish themed markets and performances, from December 1 to January 2 , 2020 At ATT4FUN "Colorful Night Festival" outdoor performances and other activities, a diverse and rich series of Christmas activities are waiting for you to have fun in Taipei in winter!

For more information on discounts and online activities, please visit the " 2023 Colorful Christmas Taipei official website https://www.2023taipeixmas.com/ " and the "Taipei City Commercial Department - I am a businessman " FB fan group (https://www .facebook.com/tcooc) Query!