Technology Rooted in Humanity, Digital Domain dives into the Financial Industry with Generative AI in Financial Services

Generative AI is a new horizon for financial services - Digital Domain outlined its latest achievement at 2023 Taipei International Financial Expo, highlighting AI-powered autonomous characters applied to provide realistic and interactive banking customer experience, which attracted numerous attendees to grasp the innovation firsthand onsite. (Photo by GULIGO)

Taipei, Taiwan---The wave of generative AI has profoundly impacted the world, ushering in substantial changes. This formidable technological force is experiencing a surge in the finance industry. Strategies and goals aimed at seizing the initiative, utilizing the advantages provided by AI technology to introduce better applications, and delivering precise information have become the driving forces for various industry players. Digital Domain, an entertainment technology company born in Hollywood, has established a significant presence in the AI field, achieving remarkable success through years of steadfast effort. On November 24, the Taipei International Financial Expo 2023 unfolded grandly at Taipei World Trade Center 1, where the Digital Domain announced exciting news by unveiling its development of "Generative AI in Financial Services." This groundbreaking initiative involves upgrading virtual entities through the integration of AI technology and forging close collaborations with major financial giants such as CTBC Bank and Taishin International Bank.

Digital Domain's CEO, Daniel Seah, has previously shared insights into how AI technology will revolutionize various sectors, bringing about transformative changes to the world. Digital Domain advocates for the symbiosis of technology and art, dedicating itself to the development of practical patented technologies across the fields of art, entertainment, and science. In addition to these ventures, in the expansion of business models, Digital Domain has stepped into the finance industry. Teaming up with Taishin International Bank, they created "Virtual Teller Rose & Sunny," incorporating AI semantic recognition technology along with large language model. The virtual teller Rose displayed in the expo area can instantly respond to various inquiries related to consumer benefits and credit cards, providing personalized services.

In addition to the virtual teller, Digital Domain has also crafted different personas of "AI Assistants" for CTBC Bank. These assistants offer services related to financial management and credit card consultations. The intelligent assistants integrate the bank's product knowledge base and provide personalized investment advice, savings strategies, and more based on customer account history. With human-like expressions, interactions, smiles, and gestures, the AI assistants aim to make the user experience feel less like interacting with a cold machine.

Digital Domain is at the forefront of the AI-powered virtual human race, and this technology has now matured. Through widespread application, the goal is to more precisely address corporate and customer issues. Technology always originates from human histories and cultures. Meeting the modern consumer's demand for innovative technology applications in life, artificial intelligence, and virtual humans are set to become indispensable elements of the next generation. 

Major indusry players in financial services tapped virtual teller Rose and Sunny powered by Digital Domain. (Photo by GULIGO)