Taïrroir and JL Studio Awarded Three MICHELIN Stars in the 2023 Selection of the MICHELIN Guide Taiwan

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  • A total of 44 restaurants shine with One, Two, and Three MICHELIN Stars in the 2023 selection 
  • 2 restaurants promoted to Three MICHELIN Stars, 3 restaurants promoted to Two MICHELIN Stars, and 7 restaurants are newly awarded with One MICHELIN Star 
  • 2 restaurants newly receive the MICHELIN Green Star for their sustainable commitments

Taipei--- Michelin is pleased to present the full restaurant selection of the MICHELIN Guide Taiwan 2023. 

Inclusive of the Starred, Bib Gourmand and Selected restaurants, the 2023 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Taiwan features a total of 321 establishments – 148 in Taipei, 64 in Taichung, 56 in Tainan, and 53 in Kaohsiung. 

This year’s selection sees a total of 44 One, Two and Three MICHELIN Stars restaurants, a significant increase from 38 restaurants in 2022. Six restaurants, of which two are new, also received the MICHELIN Green Star.

“Over the past year, no matter the challenges Taiwan went through, it is outstanding to note that the restaurant industry in this destination is again flourishing, with plenty of exciting new openings and many restaurants upscaling their propositions. Our 2023 restaurant selection bears witness to this massive progress, and the historical and exceptional results it includes, such as the new award of Three MICHELIN Stars to restaurants Taïrroir and JL Studio, are remarkable and obvious proof of this.”, says Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guide. 

“While the different cities in Taiwan shine by their culinary heritage and traditional delicacies, our inspectors have also seen how the farm-to-table movement and the importance of locally produced ingredients, are gaining ground, with existing Green Stars strengthening and acting as beacons and role models. With a new breed of young and talented chefs heading up the kitchens, together with experienced foreign chefs choosing to settle in Taiwan, this dynamism is an asset contributing to the attractiveness and vitality of Taiwanese culinary scene.”

2 restaurants promoted to Three MICHELIN Stars, one in Taipei and Taichung respectively   

For the first time since the launch of the MICHELIN Guide in Taiwan in 2018, 2 restaurants have been promoted to Three MICHELIN Stars - Taïrroir in Taipei presenting Taiwanese contemporary cuisine; and JL Studio in Taichung presenting Singaporean contemporary cuisine. This is also the first time globally that Taiwanese cuisine and Singaporean cuisine restaurants are recognized with three MICHELIN Stars, the highest accolade in the MICHELIN Guide. 

Taïrroir, informed by Chef Kai Ho’s two decades of experience in Taiwanese and French cuisine, the menu captures local food culture in ingenious forms, underscored by Western techniques. Dishes that feature highly seasonal items from local producers and desserts made with local teas and fruits shine with unmistakably Taiwanese flavours. 

JL Studio led by Singaporean Chef Jimmy Lim, presents a set menu that pays tribute to his roots with original creations that strike a fine balance of flavours. The dishes are complex, sophisticated, and understated with an element of surprise. Singaporean staples are re-imagined in ingenious forms and textures that playfully subvert expectations. 

With the promotion of Taïrroir and JL Studio to Three MICHELIN Stars, Taiwan now boasts a total of 3 Three MICHELIN Stars restaurants, including Le Palais in Taipei. 

2 restaurants promoted to Two MICHELIN Stars, and 5 restaurants are newly awarded One MICHELIN Star in Taipei

2 restaurants are promoted from One MICHELIN Star to Two MICHELIN Stars in Taipei - Molino de Urdániz, where two chefs, Chef Govinda and Chef Adrian, take diners on a poetic culinary journey to the Pyrenees of the Basque Country; and Mudan, where the chef brings out the best in every ingredient through tempura that has an incredibly thin, crisp, and light batter. These two promotions, alongside establishments retaining their distinction, bring the total number of Two MICHELIN Starred restaurants in Taipei to six. 

With 5 new restaurants receiving One MICHELIN Star for the first time, this selection features a total of 28 restaurants awarded One MICHELIN Star in Taipei.

A Cut, reselected as a one MICHELIN Star restaurant after its relocation, features premium beef cuts from U.S. and Australia, with their signature “A Cut” steak, a ribeye cap with even marbling and a tender texture, as a stellar choice. 

Ad Astra presents a 10- or 14-course omakase-styled tasting menu, where dishes are precisely executed with Asian ingredients and a Japanese culinary ethos, especially in the kamameshi course that melds Japanese and European techniques. 

Ban Bo is the only newly awarded one MICHELIN Star Taiwanese contemporary restaurant in Taipei, where the young chefs turn typical beer snacks, banquet dishes and rustic treats that are close to every Taiwanese’s heart into fine dining gems. 

INITA, a portmanteau of Italy, Nippon (Japan) and Taiwan, crafts food that is underscored by Italian technique, jazzed up with Japanese twists, and made from local ingredients. 

ZEA, run by an Argentinian owner-chef, features a 12-course tasting menu that pays tribute to his cultural and culinary heritage, embodying the passion and vibrancy of Latam food with the finesse of haute cuisine. 

The 2023 selection also newly recommends an additional 11 Taipei restaurants under the MICHELIN Selected category: Cheng Jia, Chinese Cuisine, and Hosu (Taiwanese or Taiwanese contemporary), 16 by Flo, Cha Cha Thé Cuisine, Clover, le beaujour, and Sens (French contemporary), LA Vie by thomas bühner (Innovative), Sushi Touryuumon (Sushi), and Xiang Se (European contemporary). 

In total, Taipei features 148 restaurants, of which 35 are MICHELIN Starred, 45 received a Bib Gourmand, and 68 MICHELIN Selected restaurants. 

1 restaurant newly awarded one MICHELIN Star in Taichung

With the promotion of JL Studio, Taichung boasts its first Three MICHELIN Star restaurant, along with 5 One MICHELIN Star restaurants, including 1 newly awarded - La Maison de Win, presenting a tasting menu jointly created by two chefs with Chinese and Western culinary training, featuring dishes that are rooted in Taiwanese, Cantonese, and Hakka traditions, but jazzed up with Western technique and plating. 

The other four restaurants Fleur de Sel, Forchetta, Oretachi No Nikuya, and Sur-, all retain their One MICHELIN Star accolades this year. 

In addition to the 6 MICHELIN Starred restaurants in Taichung, 4 other establishments have been newly added to the selection: FReNCHIE FReNCHIE (French contemporary), Le Plein (Innovative), Rong Cuisine (Asian), and Tu Pang (European contemporary). 

In total, Taichung features 64 restaurants, of which 6 are MICHELIN Starred, 31 received a Bib Gourmand, and 27 MICHELIN Selected restaurants. 

1 restaurant promoted to Two MICHELIN Stars and 1 newly awarded One MICHELIN Star in Kaohsiung 

In the second year of the MICHELIN Guide’s expansion to Kaohsiung, Liberté is promoted to Two MICHELIN Stars, being the only restaurant in Kaohsiung that received this recognition.  As the name suggests, the young kitchen team takes the liberty to reinvent French cuisine using Japanese produce and techniques. The deceptively simple-looking tasting menu delivers balanced flavours and harmonious contrasts.

Haili, presenting a single set menu that features local and Japanese produce astutely prepared in Japanese-French style, is newly awarded with One MICHELIN Star; while Sho retained its One MICHELIN Star accolade this year. 

3 newly added MICHELIN Selected restaurants in Tainan, and 6 in Kaohsiung   

In Tainan, 3 restaurants are newly added to the MICHELIN Guide selection - Eastern Castle Noodles (Small eats), Plum Chang (Taiwanese), and The Temple-front Eatery (Taiwanese), bringing the total number of Selected restaurants in Tainan to 20. 

On the other hand, in Kaohsiung, 6 restaurants join the selection – Kuca Seafood (Seafood), MU, Temperature Studio, the FRONT HOUSE (all Innovative), Papillon (French contemporary), and Xiantaosu (Vegetarian), bringing the total number of Selected restaurants in Kaohsiung to 23. 

In total, Tainan features 56 restaurants, of which 36 received a Bib Gourmand, and 20 MICHELIN Selected restaurants; while Kaohsiung features 53 restaurants, of which 3 are MICHELIN Starred, 27 received a Bib Gourmand, and 23 MICHELIN Selected restaurants. 

2 newly awarded MICHELIN Green Star 

Within the MICHELIN Guide restaurant selection, the MICHELIN Green Star highlights establishments at the forefront of the industry for their sustainable practices and dining experiences that combine culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments. 

In the 2023 selection, the restaurants are newly awarded the MICHELIN Green Star are Hosu in Taipei, and Thomas Chien in Kaohsiung, both Selected restaurants in the MICHELIN Guide. 

Hosu presents Taiwanese contemporary cuisine, with a menu that revolves around four themes – mountain, sea, river, and pasture, drawing attention to environmental issues such as resource depletion, pollution, and sustainability. Apart from composting food scraps and sending them to affiliated farms as natural fertilisers, the restaurant also actively partakes in the eco-chef movement and conducts educational works in schools.  

Thomas Chien not only has got culinary acumen and all the classic French techniques, the chef-owner also cares about the carbon footprint and sustainability of food sources.  As the restaurant sources ingredients from Kaohsiung and nearby areas whenever possible, by dining here, gourmets will be supporting small local farms and fishing communities. 

With the 2 new restaurants joining the 4 existing MICHELIN Green Star restaurants - EMBERS, Little Tree Food (Da’an Road), Mountain and Sea House, and Yangming Spring (Shilin), the MICHELIN Guide Taiwan 2023 sees a total of 6 MICHELIN Green Star restaurants. 

Three MICHELIN Guide Special Awards 

In addition to recommending quality restaurants, the MICHELIN Guide also aims to highlight talented individuals who contribute to enhancing the gastronomic dining experience. By doing so, it also acknowledges the diversity of jobs and know-hows involved in the restaurant industry. 

MICHELIN Guide Service Award 

The 2023 MICHELIN Guide Service Award aims to highlight and encourage skilled and talented professionals who dramatically add to the customer experience. This award goes to Viota Ho from the newly promoted Three MICHELIN Starred restaurant Taïrroir

With over a decade of experience in the F&B industry, Viota leads a predominantly female service team at Taïrroir. The service team is attentive and warm, exhibiting a high level of enthusiasm and professionalism. They skilfully conveying the chef’s intentions and dedication through precise and concise descriptions with an impeccable manner. Acting as culinary guides, they leave guests to immerse themselves in a wonderful dining experience and participate in a unique Taiwanese culinary journey. 

MICHELIN Guide Sommelier Award 

The 2023 MICHELIN Guide Sommelier Award recognises the skills, knowledge, and passion of talented sommeliers of the industry. This year, the Sommelier Award is given to Kevin Lu from Two MICHELIN Starred restaurant logy. 

With over a decade of experience in wine service, as well as a frequent champion in wine competitions, Kevin skilfully leverages his knowledge and expertise to create perfect pairings by alternating between wine and sake, thereby enhancing the flavours of the dishes. 

MICHELIN Guide Young Chef Award 

The 2023 MICHELIN Guide Young Chef Award recognises a young chef working in a restaurant of the selection, and whose exceptional talent and great potential have impressed the inspectors. This year’s award is given to Steven Su from newly minted One MICHELIN Starred restaurant, Ban Bo.  

At the age of 34, Steven has over 10 years of experience in starred restaurants. Together with his partner, he launched Ban Bo to showcase the beauty of Taiwan.

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