German Companies at Automation Taipei 2023 Display Digital Technologies that Make Manufacturing More Resource Efficient and Sustainable

TAIPEI, Taiwan – 22 industry-leading companies join the German Pavilion at Automation Taipei 2023 from August 23 to 26. With a covered area of 80 booths, it is the largest German Pavilion of all time at Automation Taipei. The companies provide top-notch solutions for the latest industry trend “twin transition”, which combines traditional industrial automation with the concepts of "digital transformation" and "ESG green transformation’’ to improve production efficiency and achieve sustainable operations. The German Pavilion, which is organized by the German Trade Office Taipei through its service unit DEinternational Taiwan Ltd., is split into two pavilions located at TaiNEX Hall 1, Floor 1 (Entrance between Area J & Area K) and TaiNEX Hall 2, Floor 1 (Entrance of Area P, P500).

A VIP tour including Premier of the Executive Yuan Mr. Chen Chien-jen and Secretary General to the President Mr. Lin Chia-lung stopped over at the German Pavilion after the opening ceremony. The Chief Representative and Executive Director of the German Trade Office Taipei Mr. Limberg welcomed the tour members and introduced the German Pavilion to them.

“Germany is known worldwide for high-quality products, inventing the concept of Industry 4.0 and attaching great importance to sustainability,” stated Mr. Limberg. “Our German Pavilion promotes twin transition concepts by combining all these factors. We are proud that our exhibitors not only provide classical components for automated production facilities, but also present their cutting-edge innovations that intertwine digital and green technologies.”

By applying a twin transition approach, companies can benefit from increased efficiency and productivity while becoming more sustainable at the same time. However, many companies still struggle with implementing their concepts or are not even aware of possible benefits. Thus, Mr. Limberg emphasized: “Automation Taipei is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the concepts of ‘twin transition’. Our exhibitors offer a wide range of products and services ‘made in Germany’ that are crucial for its implementation. They are willing and ready to partner with Taiwanese companies to intertwine their digital with green transitions to achieve more cost-efficient and sustainable production processes.”

The German Pavilion at Automation Taipei 2023 showcases a wide variety of products and services, ranging from hardware components to customized solutions to IP-related services and consulting. State-of-the-art components include high-tech sensors, drive systems and brake components, connectors, industrial belts, and press systems, among others. German companies also supply top-level technology in the area of industrial communication networks as well as safety and monitoring systems. Furthermore, German manufacturers provide leading laser systems used for cutting, welding and surface treatment as well as 3D printing. They also excel at 3D measurement technology and 3D engineering.

On top of each company displaying their latest products and services, nine exhibitors also offer exhibitor presentations on August 24 and August 25 from 3 to 4 p.m. The topics include machine vision, IO-Link, how AI will change smart manufacturing, and much more (see attached schedule).

The German Pavilion features the following 22 companies on an area of more than 80 booths:

Balluff Taiwan Ltd. (K308), Bosch Rexroth Ltd. (P202), Dennemeyer Group (J234), DRF CORPORATION (J332), Elma Electronic AG (P009), EM-TECHNIK EASTASIA (J431), Erhardt+Leimer Taiwan Ltd. (K401), Euchner (J327), Gudel Lineartec Co., Ltd. (J218), IDS (J232), Join Star Trading Co., Ltd. (K304), KTR Taiwan Ltd. (J326), Max Schlatterer GmbH & Co. KG (P010), Melchers (P009), Pfeiffer Vacuum Taiwan Corp. (P008), PHOENIX CONTACT CO., LTD. (J318), Precitec Group (K403), Road Ahead Technologies Consultant Corp. (J334), Schmidt Technology (J228), Sick (J234), (Laser&Photonics) TRUMPF Taiwan Industries Co., Ltd. (P304), and WAGO Contact Ltd. (K206).

Happy Hours at the German Pavilions (TaiNEX 1 and TaiNEX 2):

The German Trade Office Taipei invites every visitor to join the traditional "Happy Hour" events, which will take place on every exhibition day at 4 p.m. On August 24 and August 25, the Happy Hours will start right after the company presentations. Complimentary beverages and snacks will be available, including German sparkling water kindly provided by Rosbacher and coffee from a high-quality Miele coffee machine sponsored by KE@Home. In addition, limited selected wines sponsored by BASTET, BEMBEL WITH CARE apple wine sponsored by JOYU International, and Paulaner Weissbier beer sponsored by Brandwerk will also be provided for exhibitors and buyers alike to enjoy. As a new special feature, Ter Hürne will display a unique wood flooring (sponsored by Chien Hui Trading). Special discounted prices for all these products are also available during the exhibition days.