foodpanda rolls out pandago C2C express delivery service in Taiwan’s seven cities

foodpanda pandago makes people access express delivery services without the need to install another app.

Taippei, Berlin-headquartered foodpanda today announced that customer-to-customer (C2C) deliveries through pandago, an on-demand, express delivery service integrated with the foodpanda app, is now available in Taiwan’s six special municipalities and the Hsinchu area.

With the launch of pandago, foodpanda is not only the first choice for the delivery of food and groceries but also the best option for the instant delivery of small parcels, the company said.

Initially launched as a business-to-customer (B2C) service, pandago can now be found in the foodpanda app as a C2C service, offering an integrated and seamless delivery experience.

Customers can use the foodpanda app to experience industry-leading delivery matching, a user-friendly interface, and unrivaled delivery speed. foodpanda plans to roll out pandago C2C express delivery service to the rest of Taiwan in the fourth quarter and aims to complete more than 3 million orders in 2024, marking yet another industry milestone.

To celebrate the launch of pandago, foodpanda is offering a 50-percent discount on delivery fees, with no limitation on redemption and maximum discount of 80 NTD per order. Customers who find themselves in a hurry, have forgotten items, or simply don’t feel like going out can have their items delivered via the pandago feature on the foodpanda app.

Since launching pandago for the B2C segment in 2021, foodpanda has become the most widely chosen express delivery partner among different brands by leveraging its strong delivery capabilities. As digital services continue to thrive, consumers are increasingly turning to one-click solutions to fulfill their daily needs, and the demand for express deliveries is growing day-by-day.

“Based on our experience with B2C usage cases and given the post-pandemic return to normalcy, we see a growing demand for services geared at people who are now busier, more prone to being forgetful and need things done more urgently,” foodpanda Operations Director Anson Chin said. “Through pandago’s expansion to C2C and integration with the foodpanda app, we hope to create a one-stop shop for express deliveries.”

“We are not only looking to become the top delivery platform but also taking aim at becoming the fastest logistics provider. Through our integrated one-stop shop covering the delivery of food, groceries, and dine in service , we are building a platform that creates wins for customers, delivery partners, and merchants. We are confident that our new offering will drive record-breaking revenues,” the operations director added.

As a B2C service, pandago has been operating for two years and taken the lead in the logistics market. Lots of restaurant chains, retailers and brands have grown to rely on foodpanda’s widest service coverage and strongest delivery capabilities of any delivery fleet in Taiwan. Among express delivery platforms, pandago has the largest amount of partnering brands, including Carrefour, PX Mart, McDonalds, KFC, FamilyMart, and many other major players.

“In recent years, the demand for online shopping has increased,” said Carrefour E-Commerce Director Michael Chen. “pandago supports Carrefour to complete the last mile. With its large and reliable fleet of delivery partners, foodpanda is a major partner in our pursuit for rapid growth in the e-commerce market and together we make a winning team.”

pandago poised to become top choice in C2C express delivery market with industry-leading features

Optimistic about the prospects of the logistics market and having identified a diverse array of use cases, foodpanda announced pandago’s entry into the C2C segment and the launch in Taiwan’s six special municipalities, namely Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung, as well as Hsinchu City and Hsinchu County.

Through data analytics and artificial intelligence, pandago can instantaneously match orders with a large network of more than 100,000 delivery partners to provide customers with the fastest, most convenient and reliable express delivery experience. With the following advantages, pandago is poised to become the top choice among consumers for express delivery:

          Fastest delivery matching time as soon as five minutes: foodpanda now has more than 100,000 registered delivery partners, enabling an unrivaled capacity that can match delivery orders in as little time as five minutes, the fastest in the industry.

          Simple app interface does it all, providing a one-stop shop experience: With pandago, there is no need to download and install another app, as foodpanda now covers the food and grocery delivery, dine in service, and parcels delivery, all on a single app for a one-stop shop experience.

          Unbeatable reliability and pay-as-you-go without the need for prepaid deposit: pandago charges by the order and does not require prepaid deposits. An order is placed instantaneously following payment. pandago is available 24 hours a day and provides unbeatable reliability through real-time tracking.

In celebration of pandago’s entry into the C2C segment, from now on to April 30, pandago offers a 50-percent discount on each order, with no limitation on redemption and maximum discount of 80 NTD per order.

With its pandago express delivery service, foodpanda is looking to drive momentum for revenue growth and create new wins for consumers, delivery partners, and merchants as the pandemic subsides. The foodpanda app offers a one-stop shop experience for customers, provides delivery partners with a large volume of orders, and enables merchants to use pandago even if they are not listed on foodpanda. Set to become available throughout Taiwan in the fourth quarter of this year, pandago is expected to complete more than 3 million orders in 2024, turning a new chapter in the industry.

pandago fulfills customer needs across diverse array of usage cases

foodpanda has identified several situations where pandago can save the day, such as when people have forgotten to bring an important document, when they’d rather stay home on holiday, or when they need to prepare a birthday gift for an important client.

      Everyday emergencies: Since the pandemic, there has been an increased demand for the delivery of health and wellness products. Apart from that, people often simply forget important things like official documents and keys. All these situations pandago can help.

     Don’t feel like going out: With pandago, customers don’t have to go out if they prefer to stay at home and relax. Apart from parcels, pandago can also be used to deliver homecooked meals.

     Business delivery: For people who need to maintain client relations but can’t get away from the office, with one tap, pandago can help them quickly deliver important documents, contracts or gifts to clients. With its speed and real-time tracking, pandago offers unrivaled reliability.

foodpanda said that with its deep experience in the logistics market and unmatched delivery capacity, it is looking to lead the express delivery industry with pandago.