A Strong Partnership- Experience the German Christmas Market at New Taipei City’s Christmasland!

TAIPEI, Taiwan – For the first time, the German Christmas Market was integrated in the New Taipei City Christmasland; its 54 booths with classical German cuisine and products expect to attract over 100,000 visitors during the course of the 2-day event (December 17th, 18th). The traditional German Christmas decorations transformed the New Taipei City Plaza in Banqiao into an authentic German Christmas village. Visitors were able to enjoy gingerbread, stollen, hot mulled wine, German sausages, various flavors of beer, and other delicious German delicacies in an affluent German Christmas atmosphere. A wide range of German products, such as decorations, toys, stationery, kitchenware, etc., were also available for visitors, offering the perfect opportunity to prepare Christmas gifts at one stop.

Hosted by the German Trade Office Taipei, in cooperation with the New Taipei City Government, the event showcased traditional German delicacies, including pork knuckles, German sausages, mulled wine, and over 10 different German beer brands. In addition, there was also a Photo Contest where visitors, who took photos at the market and uploaded them to social media platforms with messages, had the chance to win German beer cases, which became a favorite among young people.

Mr. Axel Limberg, Chief Representative and Executive Director of the German Trade Office, said: " We are very happy that the first German Christmasland in New Taipei City was enjoyed by everyone, and it was a great pleasure to revive the traditional German Christmas hospitality in a different city in Taiwan." He also emphasized that being able to feel the Christmas atmosphere in Taiwan, now adding the traditional German festive elements, was an excellent opportunity to turn the friendship between the people of Taiwan and Germany into real-life deeds.

At the German Christmas Market, Mr. Hsieh Cheng-Ta, Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City, not only greeted the Germans in Taiwan by speaking German but also emphasized “the importance of bringing diverse experiences and surprises to the public at the end of every year, while maintaining an international perspective and fostering cultural exchange.” This year, the Christmasland in New Taipei City is celebrating its 12th anniversary, and in the first romantic snowfall of the season, Deputy Mayor Hsieh and Mr. Limberg, the representative of the German Trade Office, visited the market to experience the authentic handmade food and goods firsthand.

In the opening ceremony of "2022 German Chrismasland in New Taipei City", in addition to the representative of the German Trade Office Taipei, Mr. Axel Limberg, Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City, Mr. Hsieh Cheng-Ta, and Deputy Governor of Taitung City, Mr. Wang Chih-Hui, were the guests of honor to deliver speeches.  Representatives from the German sponsors beurer/Rommelsbacher (Christmasland sponsor) and Franz Collection/Sino-German Cultural and Economic Association (Santa Claus sponsor) also gave speeches and joined in the ribbon-cutting activities. The distinguished guests also included Mr. Yang Tsung-Ming, Commissioner of the Tourism and Travel Department, Mr. Hsu Chia-Hao, Director of the Agriculture Department, and Mr. Wu Bo-Cheng, General Manager of Taitung Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.