The first “Made in Germany” EUREM Energy Efficiency Training Program was successfully completed. The implementation of the taught measures will reduce Taiwan’s CO2 footprint by 560,000 Tons of CO2 emissions per year.

TAIPEI, Taiwan –14 participants have successfully completed the newly introduced “Made in Germany” EUREM Energy Efficiency Training Program. The course—which was brought to Taiwan by the German Trade Office Taipei (GTO)—started in February 2022. Over the course of seven months, the trainees learned how to identify energy saving potentials and were provided with the right expertise needed to implement energy efficiency modernization in their companies and organization.

During the official graduation ceremony on November 18, Chief Representative & Executive Director of the German Trade Office Taipei Mr. Axel Limberg stated: “The certified ‘European Energy Managers’ will now put their acquired knowledge into practice in their companies and institutions. According to our conservative estimations, the implementations of the taught measures will annually save around 115 MWh, which will reduce CO2 emissions in Taiwan by around 560,000 tons per year. Not only do these numbers demonstrate how Germany is committed to contribute to sustainability and climate protection in Taiwan, but also how highly trained employees can make a difference.”

He continued: “Besides from environmental aspects, the saved energy is worth real money for the companies. We assume that through our EUREM Energy Efficiency Training Program, an average of 4.5 million NT$ (145,000 US$) of operating costs can be saved each year. We hope that more companies will place staff training at the center of their business strategies in the future to contribute to sustainability while saving money at the same time.”

Guests of honor at the official graduation ceremony was Mrs. Dagmar Traub-Evans, Deputy Director General of the German Institute Taipei. Every graduate ceremonially received an internationally recognized “European Energy Manager” certificate. Furthermore, two of the graduates shared their experiences with the audience.

Next year’s EUREM Energy Efficiency Training Program will start on February 15, 2023. It will feature 160 units of 45 minutes over seven to eight months. Registration is now open; visit the official website of the German Trade Office Taipei for more information: https://taiwan.ahk.de/eurem-energy-efficiency-training