Smart manufacturing and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are hot topics in the textile business, but do the AI fabric inspection machines that are already on the market work? No, not really.


Taipei, Though cameras are helpful, there is no substitute for instruction from skilled factory workers regarding identifying fabric flaws. Consequently, the currently commercially available fabric inspection machines are primarily limited to obtaining fabric default photos and manually assessing and classifying the faults.

To create the first truly capable domestic fabric inspection machine, OSHIMA teamed with the industry's top textile producers and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

OSHIMA EagleAi is the first AI fabric inspection machine to master knitted and stretched fabrics while at the same time maintaining fabric tension within 2%. Our neural network has already learned all the most common fabric flaws, including flux spots, flux contamination, color spots, color contamination, filth, oil contamination, holes, knots, folds and color differences, weft defects, warp defects, hooked yarns, among others. Averaging an overall accuracy rate of more than 90%, an accuracy rate of 94%, and a recall rate of 86%. The biggest advantage however is that we can detect over 70% of unfamiliar fabrics in 4 hours or less, even without prior fabric data input. Truly a game changer.

Now we need you to be part of the next big step.

Taiwan's textile industry is the world's third largest in terms of output, accounting for 70% of the global market in functional fabrics. The goal of this collaboration is to build a textile alliance and create a cloud-based sharing platform. A comprehensive database of defective data will be developed through cross-disciplinary collaboration to promote the application of this technology. The resulting data will be made available to Taiwan's textile and garment industries, as well as other textile and garment companies worldwide. While it will also help to train the next generation of even more advanced artificial intelligence (AI). Let’s embrace the future, form a textile alliance, and increase our domestic production's competitiveness.

OSHIMA Taiwan, a leading smart equipment supplier to the garment industry.

With almost five decades of manufacturing experience, we have built up exceptional technical expertise in the garment industry, including cutting room solutions, ironing and shaping solutions, and boiler services. We are trusted by many international brands and provide our customers with the enabling technology needed to optimise their workflow.

In recent years, we've equipped our machines with an online information management platform and a data integration system to streamline manufacturing. Dispatch lists are created directly from the online platform so that product information can be instantaneously integrated with the production progress. This allows the management team to make decisions on the go.

OSHIMA is one of the world's few garment equipment providers, offering a diverse range of machinery utilized by garment factories, simplifying the purchasing process. We don't just build machines; we provide a one-stop shop for our customers, from consultation through machine sales and assembly to after-sales service. Contact us today for any of your garment equipment needs.