Germany's "Versatile" Wine-Riesling to Capture the Taste Buds of Taiwanese

TAIPEI, Taiwan –Last year's "Riesling Weeks" was well received, and this year, in cooperation with the German Wine Association, DEinternational Taiwan Ltd., the service unit of the German Trade Office Taipei and the German Wine Institute will jointly host the 2022 Riesling Day to present the best German Riesling Wines to Taiwan. This testing event brought quality German Riesling wines to Taiwan once again.

Mr. Axel Limberg, Chief Representative & Executive Director of the German Trade Office Taipei, and Mr. David Hsiao, the vice president of the Taiwan Sommelier Association, were invited as the opening remark VIP. Mr. Limberg pointed out, “This year's Riesling Day is different from previous years, especially combining creativity and technology to let the participants feel the atmosphere of German wineries. Still, most importantly, the beauty of German wines needs to be tasted in person.”

A guided tour video was prepared for guests to put on 3D glasses to see the true face of the German winery, and there were also fun games to bring the wine closer to the participants. The 2022 German Wine Queen was also invited to share her stories online and provide a variety of Asian snacks to showcase the versatility of Riesling.

Four cooperation importers present a wide range of German wine and winery: 99 Bottles Co. (Gemery-Georg Geil), K&R International Marketing Co. (Weingut Harrt, Weingut Rollanderhof), Peter Mertes Taiwan (Weingut Reverchon, Burgargen VDP, Weinkeller Peter Mertes), Leading Brands Wines and Spirits (Weingut A.J. ADAM, Weingut Dr. Wehrheim, Weingut Bernhard Huber). GTO's Director, Mr. Limberg, is also optimistic about the arrival of the four German wine merchants in Taiwan. He said, "This event allows Taiwanese consumers to gain a different experience of Germany, and the appearance of wines from other German production regions in Taiwan also demonstrates a more diversified exchange between the German and Taiwanese trade.”