Smart Technology & Biotechnology Cross-industy Collaboration Taiwan Smart Agriweek & Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood ShowA Business Platform for Smart Agriculture and Fishing Industry

Taipei---Taiwan Smart Agriweek 2022 cum Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show are held from 29 September to 1 October 2022 at Hall 1 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre. We are honored to have Mr Chang Chih-sheng, the Director of the Fisheries Agency, Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan, Mr. Tien Chung-kwang, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ms Elina Lee, the Executive Vice President of Taiwan External Trade Development Council, to give a speech in our grand opening ceremony. Two exhibitions totally gathered 269 exhibitors from 19 countries to display their various agricultural products within the production chain. The total number of booths is up to 462. The total exhibition space is 9,072 sqm, which is a large-scale international trading platform ever for smart agriculture and fishing industry in Taiwan.

In the midst of the epidemic, we still overcame all difficulties to organize this event. We have to pay our tribute to Council of Agriculture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA and Taiwan External Trade Development Council for their guidance and assistance. The Council of Agriculture in recent years has been devoting to promote the benefits of smart agriculture and cultivate new style of farming technics.  It also triggers an innovative business model to accelerate the market efficiency. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strengthened the foreign relationship with other diplomatic allies by giving help in advanced smart agriculture technology. With the assistance from Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, totally 10 prospective buyers have been invited from Australia, Hong Kong, Honduras, India, Philippines, South Africa and Vietnam for 2-day sales meeting in Taiwan. This year both conventional and online exhibitions go hands in hands. Up to now, total 300 online B2B matchmaking meetings have successfully matched prospected buyers of 7 nations with the potential suppliers.  The potential business is expected up to a few million US dollars.  Taiwan External Trade Development Council is ever our best business partner.  We are walking in the same vision in promoting and enhancing the development of smart agriculture in Taiwan to strive for more foreign trades. 

Taiwan Smart Agriweek is composed of 4 sub-exhibitions.  They are Agritech 2022- “Taiwan Int’l Agri and Horti Technology Expo”, Agrilivestock 2022- Taiwan Int’l Livestock Technology Expo”, Agriplus 2022–“Taiwan Int’l Agri-Cold Chain and Value Added Technology Expo”, and Agrifoods 2022– Taiwan Int’l Agri-Foods Expo”.  The exhibits are mainly the intelligence farming facilities and automation system solution for agriculture facility, orchid planting, seedling nursery, mushroom farming, poultry farming and livestock farming.  It also presents the fruitful result from the biotechnology R&D.  The products are the fabricated feeds and feeds value-added which effectively strengthen animal immunity to reach a level of antibiotic-free breeding and lower the possibility of over-feeding.  In a way it eases the existing eco problems.  The comprehensive cold-chain transportation solution can maintain food products in good quality and bring more business opportunities for conventional and new agri-food products in both the domestic and global market. The increase in sales will finally boost farmer’s income.  The concurrently held Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show is consisted of 6 theme pavilions including “Marine Intelligence Technology and Fisheries Equipment”, “Smart Aquaculture & Fish Seeding Technology, “Sustainable Aquafeeds”, “Seafood Value-added Process”,  “Quality and Safety of Aquatic Products” and “Fishery Circular Economy”.  They covered the smart solutions for labor saving, energy saving and eco conversation in the aquaculture and fishing industry.

Our main theme of this year is “profitability” and “sustainability”.  We emphasis that the farming productions should embrace the principle of eco-sustainability and at the same time maintain a satisfactory level of profit.  We specially put the highlight on the solution brought by “circular agriculture” through the cross-industry collaboration.  The cooperation across sectors-industry provides more options for a sustainable growth in the agriculture industry.   King’s Ground has successfully transformed the soybean residue, coffee grounds and tea leaves into high protein feed and health products.  And Tetanti Agribiotech, through its patent TTT® technology, a quick, effective and carbon-reducing organic waste processing technology, makes organic fertilizers and put it back to the farming cycle.    In the fishing industry, King Chou Marine Technology is a professional net maker. Cooperating with Formosa Chemicals and Fibre, King Chou successfully recycled the old netting products into high functional sportswear.  Long Diann Marine Biotech are dedicated to tame, artificial breed and rear the high value fish.  Now they have successfully nurtured high value species such as blue-and-yellow grouper, purple rockcod, tomato rockcod and orange spotted grouper.   Through the mariculture of these wild-caught species, not only does it reduce the fishing competition with nearby countries, but also lower the number of these fish being caught in nature.  It is a little step contributing to the ocean sustainability.

In the main pavilion, the Council of Agriculture has a showroom named “Taiwan Smart Agriculture Technology Pavilion”.  It has models to display the application of smart agriculture technology and its practical results in the agriculture fields. The smart technology includes the application of IT, IoT, big data, blockchain and biotechnology. This offers the agriculture professional a perceptive insight into those foresight technologies.   The Department of Science and Technology and the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research collaborated to organize a “Smart Agri Forum”, which the Mayor and Magistrates of agriculture cities and counties are invited to share the current development and the fruit they obtained from smart agriculture in their own governance. Moreover, Changhua County government has set up their own showroom, “Changhua Smart Agriculture”, to exhibit the fruit they have gained from smart agriculture in recent years, such as the enhancement in products competency, broadening the sales channels of new agri-foods and providing variety of quality products for consumers.


Academically, the research units of National Taiwan Ocean University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, National Chung Cheng University, National Ilan University and National Chung Hsing University, as the foundation to foster comprehensive smart agriculture, have conducted research on agricultural innovation. In the exhibition, they will collaborate with the relevant start-up to show the result of their latest development. The National Taiwan Ocean University will reveal their new technology in coral restoration. This new tech was found successful in restoring the coral reefs in the north coast of Taiwan. The University will also show us a new nurtured budget fish, Mighty Tilapia No. 1 (Taiwan Tilapia), which has better FCR and faster growing rate.  National Ilan University will reveal their findings in the innovative use of the agricultural byproducts.  They found a special chemical substance extracted from the byproducts can be recycled to utilize in health products or as the raw material for cosmetics.

This year we have cooperated with 17 agricultural or fisheries professional divisions, Research Institutes in Taiwan, Associations of primary production and Institution of Higher Education, etc to schedule 10 seminars, international forums and workshops.  The topics are: “Smart Agri Ecology System”, “The Production of Smart Stock Farming and Smart Aquaculture”, “Seawater Fish - Exploring the high end aquaculture technology for fourfinger threadfin”, “The application of agricultural facility aimed at desert climate”, “Looking into net-zero emission and eco-sustainability”, “How AI technology connected with green energy and its application to aquaculture”, “Cold chain transportation solution for agri-food products” and the forum for agriculture enterprises and electricity suppliers. All of them are related to the advance technology and how it helps to reach a balance between profitability and sustainability and its future development trend.  Both the theory and practical case study will be shared.  Looking forward to your participation.

In recent years, smart agriculture production has been gradually emerged in Taiwan.  Not only does it improve the farm products quality but also enhance people’s living standard.  With the cold-chain transportation technology, we foresee more foreign trade opportunities will be open for our fresh farm products.  This year the Agri-food pavilion is specialized for new agri-food products and aimed to promote the products to worldwide.  We also have free activities for the general public, such as “New Agri-food Cookery Show”, “Mind-soothing Gardening” and New Agri-food souvenirs for visitors.  In the exhibition, more than 100 types of new agri-food will debut.  Let’s eat healthily; live gratefully.  Come to visit this exhibition and fetch the chance to enjoy Taiwan new agri-food!