Race-watching Ways and Traffic Control Measures for 2022 Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships

2022 Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships will officially commence at Dajia Riverside Park during the Dragon Festival long weekend June 3rd to 5th. This year's event will be open to the public; but people will be requested to wear masks and maintain social distancing. We will offer a live stream of Day 3 (June 5th) races on EBC Live News YouTube channel. Overseas fans can also watch the race highlights on June 5th at 14:00-15:00 on EBC News Asia. Department of Sports, Taipei City Government invites all domestic and international dragon boat fans to cheer for players online.

The traffic control to be implemented in the surrounding areas inside/outside the embankment during the three-day event from 7am to 5pm is as follows:

I. Control area: No. 10 Watergate next to No. 7 Binjiang Street and Lin An-Tai Historical House will be open for general small vehicles to enter and exit. A control point will be set outside the embankment next to No. 9 Watergate where only authorized vehicles are allowed to access. No. 8 Watergate is only for pedestrians and bicycles. Please follow the guidance of on-site police and relevant control facilities for your parking and access at the control points within the event venue.

2. Shuttle Bus: Dragon Boat Shuttle Bus will be available from 8am to 6pm each day at one-hour (approximately) intervals, and more shuttles will be offered depending on the number of passengers. Shuttle Bus Route: Taipei MRT Yuanshan Station (Yumen Street) Dajia Riverside Park (the event venue). One-section fare applies. The original bus route (Civic Minibus No. 9) within the control area shall cancel the stops of "No. 9 Watergate" (outward journey), "No. 8 Watergate" (return journey) and "Dajia Riverside Park" during the event period.

3. The "No Parking" sections along the roads within the event control area will be frequently checked by police patrol officers, and towing & penalties shall apply for any violation. The public is recommended to use the above public transportation to go to the event venue.

For more information about event activities and rules & schedules, please check through the three channels listed below:

1.  Latest news on website of Department of Sports, Taipei City Government (https://sports.gov.taipei/)

2. 2022 Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships Official Website (dragonboat.taipei)

3.    Search "Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships" on Facebook