Three UPS Taiwan Drivers Recognized for 25 Years of Accident-free Deliveries

TAIPEI– UPS (NYSE:UPS) recently announced the induction of 1,495 of its drivers into the Circle of Honor, an elite group of UPS drivers who have not had an avoidable accident for 25 years or more. Made up of drivers across four continents, this new class has a total of 37,375 years of safe driving.

In Taiwan, in addition to last year's four COH drivers, Jacky Chen (Taipei), George Lin (Tainan), and Jodan Ho (Kaohsiung) are recognized as the latest join the illustrious group in 2022.

“In this era of distracted driving, it’s an incredible accomplishment when our drivers are inducted into the UPS Circle of Honor,” said Carol B. Tomé, UPS CEO. “All UPS drivers understand the important role rigorous training and safety protocols play in keeping them, and our communities, safe. Collectively, our drivers log more than 3.5 billion miles each year on roadways around the world, and our Circle of Honor drivers are among the safest on the road. I’m so very proud of what our Circle of Honor drivers represent.”

UPS North Asia District President Daryl Tay added, “It is always a proud day when we welcome more of our people into the Circle of Honor, and we are delighted to see Jacky, George and Jodan recognized for a combined 75 years of safe driving. They and their loved ones should be extremely proud that their dedication and hard work has led to them reaching such a remarkable milestone.

“Safety and reliability are integral parts of the UPS DNA, and we’re committed to continually providing our drivers – and the rest of our people – with the training they need to be able to apply industry-leading safety standards not only to work, but in their daily lives as well.”

As the global pandemic underscored the essential nature of their services, UPSers demonstrated a commitment to health and safety that reached beyond the workplace.

A commitment to customer service

“As UPS has long advocated the principle ‘safety first’, I have personally practiced this on every delivery for the past 26 years,” said Jacky Chen, UPS Taipei Center.  “I also encourage our courier partners to keep safety in mind and to always make it a priority, because it can help us to complete the mission successfully and deliver love and expectation to customers safely.

“As a century-old international enterprise, UPS has a very comprehensive education and training process; from the knowledge of safe driving to the posture and method of handling goods,” said George Lin, UPS Tainan Center. “Inevitably, the drivers spend a lot of time on the road each day making deliveries. The training given by UPS allows us to do this safely again and again, so that we build up a high level of trust with our customers.”

During working hours, I choose to perform the work in the safest way possible. UPS teaches us to be able to come to work happy and return home safely every day by practicing safe driving methods,” said Jodan Ho, UPS Kaohsiung Center. “UPS is also a company with integrity. Many senior colleagues are willing to share their experience over the years and uphold the same philosophy as the company. Therefore, I have been proud to be a UPS driver for 25 years.”

With the spirit of being responsible logistic partners, UPS encourages all drivers to be more intentional about safe driving habits. According to the World Health Organization, distracted drivers are approximately four times more likely to be involved in a car crash than those who are not distracted.

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