TaiwanPlus offers international travelers a vicarious journey to Taiwan: MasterChef Star Jason Wang showcases Taiwanese food, Former AmCham President Leo Seewald explores Taiwanese fishing culture, and Award-Winning Host Rifat teaches Basic Mandarin and interviews foreigners in Taiwan

From Left to Right, TaiwanPlus prgram host Rifat, TaiwanPlus CEO Joanne Tsai, Happy Fisherman Leo Seewald and Jason Wang. 

Taipei, TaiwanPlus, Taiwan’s first English language global streaming platform holds a press conference today to showcases 5 the flagship, TaiwanPlus Original Series with the hosts from the shows sharing their experiences behind the scenes. Among our program hosts are MasterChef co- runner-up and Taiwanese American celebrity chef Jason Wang, former AmCham president and “Happy Fisherman” Leo Seewald, and Golden Bell awardee Rifat. The new programs place a spotlight on Taiwan’s diverse and welcoming culture, delving deep into the island’s food, language, environment, and lifestyle from the perspective of foreigners who call Taiwan home.

As countries reopen their borders, international travelers are looking for the next travel destination. Boasting a vibrant food scene, majestic ocean, warm and open culture, and the rich heritage of our languages, travelers can now visit Taiwan with just a few clicks away on TaiwanPlus.

Joanne Tsai, CEO of TaiwanPlus, believes that the new content is in line with the organization’s mission to share Taiwan with the world. “The latest TaiwanPlus Original Series will help connect global audiences to Taiwan through a variety of perspectives and cultural highlights,” says Tsai. “I look forward to giving our viewers a preview of Taiwan, before the border reopens for international travel.”

Many of the new programs focus on Taiwan’s diverse cuisine, including a flagship program hosted by MasterChef co-runner-up and international celebrity chef Jason Wang, who travelled from the US to Taiwan for the press conference. “Jason’s Table: Shocked and Surprised” introduces foreign influencers to some of Taiwan’s most unusual dishes; new episodes of “Taiwan Top 5” invite viewers to indulge in classic breakfast meals in Tainan, a city internationally renowned for its culinary excellence.

Rifat, a Golden Bell Award Recipient and the host of TaiwanPlus programs “Live from Taiwan” and “Legit Mando” Season 2, is also present at the press conference. Despite being born and raised in Turkey, Rifat is a Taiwanese citizen and speaks fluent Mandarin. With the help of his animated co-host Mr.Sweet O’Potato, he teaches audiences essential Taiwanese Mandarin vocabulary and gives foreigners an opportunity to open up about their experiences in Taiwan.

Rounding out the new additions to the TaiwanPlus catalogue is a unique program called “Happy Fisherman,” a series that follows former AmCham president Leo Seewald in a nautical journey around the island’s many ports and fisheries on his very own fishing boat. Seewald hopes that his program will not only provide insider knowledge on what kinds of fish to buy when visiting wet markets, but also revitalize interest in Taiwan’s marine life and traditional fishing culture.

These five new programs are now available for free on www.TaiwanPlus.com.