3x3 – BAHK Seon-Ghi vs YEE Soo-Kyung vs KIM Tschang Yeul

3×3=10. It’s not about logic, the overlaps of infinite and infinite is limitless of infinite, no end, uncountabl

Just like art, it is never following the rules, imaginative, unrestrained, full of mysterious power.

The three Korean artist, BAHK Seon-Ghi, YEE Soo-Kyung, KIM Tschang-Yeul, they sweep the world with their reverse thinking and creations in different media – Charcoal, Ceramic fragments and Oil paint. The no logic of logic, travel again and again through time and spaces of rebirth and regeneration.

YEE Soo-Kyung follows the traces of Korean culture, uses 24K pure gold foil as adhesive, remolded the broken antique porcelains with gold foils, dazzling gold lines reshapes the antique ceramic fragments, wandering in the inlaid filaments. In the flying of white cranes, in the enrichment of 800 years of celadon, the broken transformed into a gorgeous and modern sculpture, and it shows the oriental glamour in those resplendent European palaces with the elegant and fashionable temperament of the work. Yee Sookyung's ceramic sculptures filled the cracks with gold foils, extend the pass to a peerless new life. Cracks filled with gold foil, gorgeously reborn from broken. Her translated vase, extend the pass to a peerless new life.

Bahk-SeonGhi grasps the time, space, light and shadow in his hands; in its infinite reincarnation, Bahk captures the commotions in Nature, allowing charcoal to stay in intangible form in everyday life and making space solid though flat.

Charcoal is the coexistence final form with trees and human, every hanging charcoal united into an abstract shape with almost transparent nylon threads. Rays of light penetrate through scattered bits of charcoal, like a mirage, as if the entire work is breathing, vivid the space in various forms.

As the time moving, the flow of KIM Tschang-Yeul’s water drops is sort of marvelous surrealism.

Kim's big and small water drops are as if falling off, or absorbed by the canvas but afloat, or it is that they are pulled out of the canvas by gravity. Lights and shadows clarity each water drop, round and solid, and give the extremely realistic impression made out of fiction, enticing people to touch them. From the impermanent time, Kim shows the immensity and nothingness of nirvana and the ever-flowing life.

Utterly retro in style and extremely surreal in spirit, no matter 3 x 3 is the endless reincarnation or the refined turbulent soul, these three artists, in their respective works of great importance and greatness, endow the soul with the weight and carry the spirit of contemporary art...

 3x3 – BAHK Seon-Ghi vs YEE Soo-Kyung vs KIM Tschang-Yeul

   Exhibition date2022.03.03~2022.03.31

   LocationMetaphysical Art Gallery                   

7F., No. 219, Sec. 1, Dunhua South Rd., Taipei City, 10690, Taiwan, ROC

   Opening Hour11:00~18:30Close on Monday