Expansion of Taiwanese-German Cooperation in the Solar Energy Industry

TAIPEI, Taiwan – The German Trade Office Taipei (GTO) brought a digital delegation of eight German companies active in the field of solar energy to Taiwan. The delegation visit, which is organized by the service unit of the GTO, DEinternational Taiwan Ltd., together with Eclareon GmbH, is part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). It takes place from September 27th to October 1st, 2021.

The target of this delegation visit is to lay the foundation for a profound business cooperation between several German and Taiwanese companies active in the field of solar energy and to contribute to the further development of the bilateral business relations.

The delegation visit began with the “Solar Industry in Taiwan Online Conference” today, hosted virtually by the German Trade Office. The online conference served as a bridge that provided an insight into the latest technologies, products, and solutions “Made in Germany” and explored how they can be complementary to the Taiwanese solar energy industry. Guest of honor was Mr. Cheng-Wei Yu, Director General of the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs. Over 50 participants joined the conference. During the week, the German companies will have several individual digital B2B meetings with potential Taiwanese partners.

During the conference, Axel Limberg, Chief Representative and Executive Director of the German Trade Office Taipei, stated: “Researchers of the German Fraunhofer Institute just recently achieved a record conversion efficiency of almost 69% with a PV cell, demonstrating that Germany belongs to the world leaders in renewable energy technologies.” He continued by emphasizing the cooperation possibilities between Germany and Taiwan: “With vast expertise gained during two decades of energy transition, German companies are highly specialized in various fields of renewable energies, including solar energy. This makes them excellent collaboration partners for Taiwanese companies that push forward local energy transition efforts.”

The German Trade Office Taipei sees high cooperation potential mainly in the supply of substructures for rooftop and ground-mounted systems, agrivoltaics and fisheries solar power plants, as well as cleaning solutions for PV systems.

The eight participating German companies are:

·        BAE Batterien GmbH

The core business of BAE is the production of stationary batteries, especially wherever electricity needs to flow uninterrupted, like in the emergency power supply for data centers, electrical power supply facilities and the telecommunication infrastructure.

·        DEGERenergie GmbH & Co. KG

DEGERenergie has been consistently developing new ideas and concepts for the optimum use of solar energy through solar module tracking and offer the worldwide biggest product portfolio for single- and dual axis tracking systems with the quality standard “Made in Germany”.

·        ENcome Energy Performance Deutschland GmbH

The ENcome group is a pan-European leading and independent provider for the operation of photovoltaic power plants with focus on technical Operation and Maintenance (O&M), technical Asset Management (TAM), as well as Engineering & Advisory services.

·        Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG

Fichtner is Germany’s leading independent planning and consultancy enterprise. Fichtner offers its clients a unique combination of engineering consultancy with classical management consultancy.

·        GreenGate AG

GreenGate AG has been developing highly adaptable and innovative soft-ware solutions for the maintenance of systems and infrastructures. Customers from manufacturing, energy and water industries use GS-Service software for technical management, maintenance planning and operations management tasks.

·        K2 Systems GmbH

K2 Systems is a German mounting systems manufacturer for rooftop PV installations with more than 16 GW installed capacity in over 120 countries and nine subsidiaries worldwide.

·        sbp sonne GmbH

sbp has been working in the renewable energy sector for over 36 years. Our solar division invents, develops, and implements innovative solar technologies. The portfolio features a wide range of components and systems for both solar thermal (CSP) and photovoltaic power plants.

·        SunSniffer GmbH & Co. KG

SunSniffer GmbH & Co. KG digitalizes and measures PV modules with the help of artificial intelligence to detect underperforming, soiled, and shaded PV modules.

Aside from the companies, Mr. Wei-Xu, Yan, Director, Department of Photovoltaic, Bureau of Energy, and Mr. Kawan Amelung, Group Agrivoltaics Division Photovoltaics Modules and Power Plants, also presented their expertise.

Background of the Delegation:

The virtual business trip is part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, which support German companies to export their energy solutions overseas. The delegation visit provides German companies active in the field of solar energy and Taiwanese firms of all branches and sizes with a platform to make first contact with one another and initiate future partnerships.