SHIATZY CHEN 2021 Pre Fall Charm

In 2021 Pre Fall, SHIATZY CHEN again pours her dedication into the art of clothing, and designs around the concept and image of plum blossom. The men collection is poetic in an intellectual sense, as an elegant scholar. The female collection reminds us of the chic silhouette of the 60s, blending the colors of different flowering seasons, deconstructing the theme CHARM and illustrating the diversely abundant forms of the modern female.

Inspiration for this season is drawn from the concept of plum blossom sprouting between the rocks and blooming amidst the severe winter. The original pattern preserves the powerful strokes of the water color and the bold color contrast, taking the forms of hand embroidery, original jacquard, and hand-paint print on the clothes. The entire color spread develops from the beginning of the plum blossom bloom all the way to full bloom, the classic black and white transitions to rosy pink, then expand to saturated blue and crimson, illustrating the desolated elegant winter plum blossom growing between the cracks of the rock; the rich golden yellow, magenta, fresh green, and indigo blue highlight the freshly blooming plum blossom, before finally transitioning from adorable white, pink, and mugwort green to high-purity garnet red and solid crisp green, demonstrating the swirling plum blossom in full bloom. The men's collection picks up from previous scholarly style, focusing more on the calm black and grey colors with a few pieces in bright colors here and there, including the classic band collar jacket, coat, and casual top items. The use of original pattern is comparatively conservative, decorating only the body and the collar. The frogs take shape in plum blossoms, studding the front and the cuffs of the coat, portraying the time-honored elegant scholar style which SHIATZY CHEN excels at.

The contour of men's collection maintains a consistent oriental-style cutting with a mix-n-match of various materials, taking the mesh of Western versus Oriental, and modern versus classic to a new creative level, drawing a slender contour with various fabric and colors. The female collection sees a wide use of chic Western silhouette from the 60s, such as short dress, long jacket with short skirt and short pants, and short jackets. The two-piece presentation classic to SHIATZY CHEN is more spirited than usual, using different designs of original jacquard. Texture of the outer layer bears resemblance to seas of flowers as well as the rocks, while the inner layer is the powerful and handsome Oriental art print, responding to one another in the different layers and levels demonstrated. Combing a full spread of sequin, satin, silk wool, flannel, lace, and color-contrasting jacquard, glamorous glossy fabric assembled with check elements here and there, such as Tartan and net yarn embroidered flowers connecting to form a checkerboard pattern, wool felt with square punches, and square stitching mostly seen on down coats. Different methods are used to illustrate the classic Western texture, in combination with the Su embroidery technique SHIATZY CHEN is famous for and the detailed Oriental-style cutting.

Large use of lace, sheer textile, and pleated fabric in styling paints the tranquility and calmness of autumn days. Accessories see a continuation of the theme of plum blossom. Asymmetrical plum blossom pendant earrings, metal sculpted single plum blossom bracelet, and multilayered pearl waist chain and leather belt with plum blossom embedded. Handbags have taken on new looks this season, the brand new SC logo twist lock combined with the classic jade bangle handle displays a revolutionary look blending Oriental culture and modern sleek on the goat leather embroidered bag. Romantic feminine details versus classic Oriental-style raglan sleeves, mandarin collar, youthful short pants, short skirt, and sleek white shirt, the touch of long boots accentuates a more cheerful and unique modern feminine style, portraying the delicate yet fearless youthfulness of the spirit of plum blossom, waiting to bloom spectacularly.