Safety First: Four UPS Taiwan Drivers Recognized for 25 Years of Accident-free Deliveries

From May 17-23rd this year, the United Nations held the sixth instalment of UN Road Safety Week, a global campaign that, as the name suggests, looks at ways to make the world’s roads safer.

It’s a topic that’s been at the heart of the UPS culture for over a century, since way back when we acquired our first Model T Ford delivery car in 1913. 

The UPS Circle of Honor is an elite group that recognizes UPS drivers who have driven for 25 years or more without an avoidable accident. As of early 2021, the total number of inductees around the world stands at almost 11,000 with the first in Asia Pacific coming in 2019.

The number of APAC drivers in the group now stands at 20, with the names of UPS Taiwan’s Kenny Wang (Taipei), David Wu (Taichung), and Johnson Lai and Tony Chen (both Kaohsiung) the latest to be added to the illustrious list.

“When you consider UPS didn’t even begin operating in Taiwan – and many other Asia Pacific markets – until at least 1988, it puts this achievement into even sharper focus,” said UPS Taiwan Managing Director Sam Hung.

UPS has always been committed to building the world's safest and most reliable logistics network, and our people play an integral role in that. I’m extremely proud to see the names of Kenny, David, Johnson and Tony join the Circle of Honor list, and I’m looking forward to them carrying on their contribution to creating safer roads in Taiwan by passing on their knowledge and experience to future generations of drivers.”

A commitment to customer service

“Even on busy days, when we’re racing against the clock to make sure all our pickups and deliveries are completed on time, I always think back to our training and remember those two simple words – safety first.” Kenny Wang, UPS Taipei.

“I have worked at UPS since the mid-1990s and the core values that the company has always emphasized is: safety first, enjoy your work and come home safely. I’m proud to wear the Brown uniform. David Wu, UPS Taichung.

“I treat my customers like good friends, and if there’s a problem I can solve, I will try to help them solve it. I remember when a customer I worked with changed companies and then reached out to me for help with logistics issues in their new role – that trust they place in us is priceless. Tony Chen, UPS Kaohsiung.

When it comes to giving our customers the service they deserve, each of us plays a small, but very important role, like the parts of a much bigger machine. Because the small parts are connected, the machine will not break.” Johnson Lai, UPS Kaohsiung.