The Industry's First All-English Education Institution Adopting European and American Curricula FUNDAY International English School Officially Opens

An abundance of bilingual schools has sprung up in recent years, yet too many of them are facing the challenge of maintaining teaching quality, which is the direct outcome of a low teacher-student ratio caused by insufficient bilingual instructors. As a result, the visions outlined in the Curriculum Guidelines of 12-Year Basic Education published by the Ministry of Education may be relegated into empty slogans. 
Aiming to popularize using English as a medium of instruction, FUNDAY founded FUNDAY International English School. It is the industry's first educational institution that introduces curricula in European and American schools. Combined with the Common Core State Standards Initiative of the United States, classes provided by FUNDAY offer a purely American learning environment for students aged 10 to 16.
Realizing the Visions of the Curriculum Guidelines of 12-Year Basic Education
One of the challenges that FUNDAY International English School seeks to address the most is the inadequate amount of attention that school teachers can afford to individual students. By limiting the number of students per class, the teacher-student ratio can be maintained at around 1 to 6, creating a learning environment where interaction, implementation, and lectures have equal weight. Parallel with the U.S. educational system, all of the classes in FUNDAY International English School are theoretically based on the Content and Language Integrated Learning Method (CLIL). This theoretical foundation is further supplemented by immersive language learning methods to increase students' overall exposure to an all-English environment. The aim is to accelerate and deepen the effectiveness of the classes. Meanwhile, classes in FUNDAY International English School conform with the Curriculum Guidelines of 12-Year Basic Education by design so as to cultivate students' ability to seek knowledge actively, think independently, and explore the world.
Promoting the Policies of Developing Taiwan into a Bilingual Nation by 2030
All courses in FUNDAY International English School are taught in English, including literature, mathematics, science, and social studies. With respect to criteria for recruiting teachers, the most important considerations are possessing Mandarin and English language skills on par with native speakers, the experience of studying abroad, and background in education-related fields. Based on their own overseas study experience, teachers ought to center their teachings around language learners and guide children in an empathetic way to associate and integrate the knowledge of language and life. In line with the conviction for creating an English environment and maintaining teaching quality, FUNDAY International English School firmly believes that it can cultivate bilingual international talents from Taiwanese natives step by step.
FUNDAY International English School is located on Section 1 of Dunhua South Road, with convenient transportation and an excellent learning environment. Everyone is welcome to pay us a visit.
Address: 1F., No. 336, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City