CIP Publishes English Version of Special Issue on Policy Achievements; New Issue Incorporates Indigenous Languages in Effort to go Global

Following the publication in June 2020 of the Mandarin version of the special issue on Indigenous peoples policy achievements 2016-2020, the English version OPitiri'an to Heci^ no Nitayalan no Yin-cu-min-cu/ Indigenous Peoples Policy Achievements 2016-2020 Special Issue has also now been published. This publication makes it the CIP's first bilingual issue to have an English and Indigenous language title. This special issue takes stock of the CIP’s 20 important policy achievements and journey over the past four years. More importantly, the title of each chapter in this issue is shown in Indigenous languages, allowing international readers to see the rich diversity of Indigenous languages while also achieving Indigenous language preservation and heritage and the implementation of the Indigenous Languages Development Act passed in 2017.

In the chapter titled “Reviving the Austronesian Forum 10 Years On”, Austronesian culture is highlighted as an important foundation upon which the CIP engages in international exchange. The CIP established the Austronesian Forum in Palau as a permanent organization on April 8, 2008. After a 10-year hiatus due to changes in government and foreign policy, the Austronesian Forum was finally restarted on August 1, 2018. The Executive Yuan approved on March 19, 2019 the Austronesian Forum 6-Year Plan (2020-2025) put forward by the CIP. Total funding for the plan is NT$ 739.78 million. The Executive Council meeting of the Austronesian Forum was held at the Grand Hotel Taipei on November 23, 2020. Fourteen Ambassadors and Representatives accredited to Taiwan attended the Executive Council meeting to discuss cooperation in and promotion of international affairs among Indigenous peoples in the Austronesian region.

The pace of indigenous policy development in Taiwan is impressive even on an international scale. To facilitate mutual policy exchanges, this special issue will be shared with members of the Austronesian Forum, diplomatic missions in Taiwan with which the CIP has close exchanges, and Taiwan’s representative offices abroad so that the international community may better understand the current situation and progress of Indigenous people’s policies in Taiwan.

The CIP aims to spread Taiwan’s values of diversity and democracy, expand cooperation and exchange with Indigenous peoples all over the world, facilitate the international participation of Taiwan’s Indigenous peoples and thereby increase Taiwan’s visibility in the international community.