Kicks Off with Playful Color Trending Collage for Frameless Contrasting Aesthetics with Nana Lee, Dewi Chien and Sandee Chan Sharing the Stage to Promote Taiwan’s Design Brands

(October 5 2019, Taipei) - As keenly awaited by fashion aficionados, Taipei Fashion Week SS20 as Taiwan’s biggest fashion event kicks off today in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. The event is set to run for 5 consecutive days featuring 16 brands that will give their alternative take on NOWism. To kick-start the show on Day 1 are oqLiq, DOUCHANGLEE, INF, if&n. The four brands will grace the stage along with local singers and actresses: Nana Lee, Dewi Chien and Sandee Chan.
Contrasting elements and concepts are applied to spark oppositional and harmonious dialogues in fashion design and accidentally lead to an exclusive trending style. oqLiq focuses on setting an unprecedented fashion of outdoor clothing by engaging in high-tech materials and refined tailoring techniques for a brand that’s made in Taiwan. This time around, oqLiq takes inspiration from Eastern thoughts and add on Buddhist concept of the universe, Taichi in Daoism, oriental text and oriental clothing, plus a touch of Taiwan flair that is blended into fabrics and patterns then turned into fashion.
Designer Chi Hong and Chia Hao Lin use 3 pieces of old cloth with different color scales and arrange them into irregular Octagon-shaped patch work with woven frames being the highlight. In terms of design, the Chinese characters for Yi (With), Chuan (River), Jiu (Nine), Yong (Use), Shang (Up), Xia (Down), Yu (Rain) are featured in the cutting of the garments to serve as a storage structure. Zips are curled into curves of the Ying and Yang arcs that also double as storage space. The images on the garment are derived from the collision sparked out of doodling and classic painting as two binary oppositions.
Known for a mild yet assertive display of contemporary humanity and ideologies, the designer Stephane Dou and Changlee Yugin present their spring/summer collection, DOUCHANGLEE 2020, featuring “Between” as the theme and focusing on the convergence of the classic and the street fashion, where different groups of people, different generations and different cultures can all co-exist, stay fluid and mingle into the most authentic yet unique contemporary urban landscape.
Practical items are re-worked by changing their proportion and pattern and given renewed interpretation by using contrasting fabrics. Details like sports functionality and malleability are blended into classic items using coarse and masculine industrial-style slanted-patterned cotton for the base in tandem with embroidered lace. Light, thin, translucent chiffons and high-tech functional fabrics work together in an echo to the brand’s unrestrained design philosophy.
Founded by Yi Fen Tsai, the emerging design brand, if&n extends the concept of steadfast gentleness to fashion design, while exuding a certain feminine elegance through interweaving and integration. Tsai specializes in working with natural elements. For the design concept in this collection, she takes the lines of lily flowers to construct a range of spring/summer garments with actual flower shapes on the pattern plus the folded lines of folded paper lilies. Tsai’s works take reference from all shapes and growth stages of lilies, including the budding period or the blooming stage where the petals spread outward or the curled-up petals during the withering stage where the flower’s life cycle is coming to an end. Such traces of life are featured on the garment e.g. on the collar, waist areas, skirts, folds in chest areas. Tsai goes for earth-bound natured-themed colors as found in the breezes in the valley, and hints of shadow under the tree. Given the gentle cool color scheme, the blooming lilies in the valley in Tsai’s fashion collection come alive with more layers. 
Carrying a persona of a mystic loner traversing in the darkness, Designer Wei Kuo is to storm the stage with his consistently eccentric brand style and debut in the Taipei Fashion Show his 2020 spring/summer collection. In his works, Kuo integrates his experience of growing up into his brand personality. Having lived with the obsessive-compulsive personality disorder as a boy, he adheres to the design principle that “Design is rooted in compulsion, paranoia and doubt,” and will bring to the season his collection titled, “Root Seeking”, inspired by Juan Miró’s painting above his childhood bed: People and Dog in Front of the Sun. With the One Line Drawing fashion technique as termed in modern art, Kuo blends his childhood into the design where muscles and structures of the human body unfold on the so-called fashion canvas by using yarns, electric embroidery and banners. Along with the shape-shifting interaction with clothing patterns, Kuo conveys a sensation that he previously experienced in Miró’s painting.