Featuring Jun Liang Chen’s Combination of Modern with Oriental Concept and Show the Tranquil Beauty of Eastern Styles CHARINYEH SS20 Shows the Scenes of 19th-Century Opulent Taiwan

(October 7 2019, Taipei) - The trend of clothing is often closely linked to what is drastically varied and contained in culture and life. Featured in today’s brand show in the annual Taipei Fashion Week are two great designers, Charin Yeh and Jun Liang Chen, who will re-deconstruct the fashion tapestry in Asian culture and take us into a world of Oriental cultural imageries.
SILZENCE men embodies exclusive Chinese fashion: expounding the passing on and innovation of Chinese Culture and reflecting harmonious Oriental wisdom and virtues
Jun Liang Chen being Asia’s most influential designer is known to adeptly convey a sort of exclusively Chinese eternal elegance through his brand, SILZENCE men. While the global trend is driving a focus on overseas culture and art, Chen contemplates over returning to Oriental culture and creates a neo-oriental chic. This year, Chen’s design theme is “seeing through” the task of standing relentless strong as we fare through life; men’s fashion as presented by Chen will stand anew in an oriental poise.  
With the use and cutting of translucent chiffon alongside a hybrid combination of vests, stand collars, and sports garment pockets for some innovative contours, Chen’s oriental fashion design exudes an air aligned with the movement of the body to fill one’s natural form between the heaven and earth and outline a male physical charm. The result is a richly-layered passion-filled Oriental mix. Chen uses a huge amount of Jacquard weaves, embroidery, dyed yarn weaving, along with classic Oriental imageries and exquisite craft, to implement his exclusive fashion chic. Elements used include Jacquard weaves, horsetail embroidery, and dye-forming to present opaque yet see-through Oriental stand collars and long-piece outerwear. Such is the exquisite design to construct a male-specific elegance. Organic fabrics used include natural linen, organza and grenadine. The primary color is the grey-green for Yue ware and green porcelain from the Tang Dynasty to convey a gentlemanly poise imbued with modesty and grace.
CHARINYEH SS20 collection draws on clothing scenes of opulence from Taiwan’s Qing-dynasty maritime trade
Charin Yeh’s primarily uses streamlined art contours for her fashion design as well as heightened 3D urban cuttings to express an attitude of androgynous-leaning resilience. In recent years, she has been boldly innovative in re-deconstructing and overturning Taiwan narrative. She delicately weaves rich Taiwan local elements into her design, extracting essence from Taiwan’s local culture and integrating it into her range of unique and sleek garments via artistic transformative interpretation and modernistic structure.
The CHARINYEH SS20 collection is themed on the onset of maritime trade during the Qing Dynasty. For materials Yeh uses lace, pongee, silk, hemp and so on to blend into a calico of an end-of-18th-century Taiwan map and voyage map for a feel of added lightness and waviness and extended sea-trade sumptuousness. For colors Yeh goes for a mix of black and indigo blue, which was a renowned fabric color at the time and was exported from Taiwan to the world. Plus gold, white, beige, vintage green and the leather color, all shades alternate in all gradations to embody our memory of western romanticism and Taiwan’s opulence at the end of Qing Dynasty. Taiwan stories from a previous period are fused into and co-exist with contemporary fashion, which is yet another example of how art and culture can be blended in fashion.
Top-notch brands together present Taiwan’s unique cultural appeal
This year sees the second edition of the brand show in the 2019 Taipei Fashion Week SS20, showcasing works of 16 designers, and together demonstrate the diverse and opulent creativity of contemporary designers in Taiwan. All brand designers come from varied backgrounds, each with his/her own inspiration source and expression approach, and together they make up a diverse and mass-flowering scene. Expect to see many spectacular breathtaking fashion shows for 5 days straight.