MICAWOR - 2018 Pulima Art Festival

Exhibition Date:
 Nov. 3, 2018 (Sat.) - Jan. 13, 2019 (Sun.)
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei
For Images and Further Information: https://goo.gl/eRVT1m
Exhibition Website: https://goo.gl/rqGfkU

Pulima Art Festival, which occurs every two years, is Taiwan’s first national art event dedicated to showcase the new facet of indigenous contemporary art. 2018 Pulima Art Festival, organized and sponsored by Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation, is taking place in Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei this year. 2018 Pulima Festival, themed “MICAWOR—Turning Over” and curated by artistic director, Nakaw Putun, invites total of 26 groups of Taiwanese and international artists, and organizes 8 performances, as well as a series of international forums, artist lectures, workshops and other up to 250 exciting events. The Festival presents and shares the creative energy of indigenous artists to all participants and is ready to flip your imagination of indigenous contemporary art!

2018 Pulima Art Award Exhibition presents the creativity of indigenous artists
2018 Pulima Art Award Exhibition not only presents the Pulima Art Award winners but also invitational exhibition. In the exhibition, 21 brilliant works were selected, including the grand awards in visual art and performing art, jury award, 5 excellent awards, and 13 honorable awards.

This year’s grand award winner in visual art, Aruwai Kaumakan presents her artwork “Pulsation” that employs traditional indigenous techniques of wrapping, weaving, knitting and braiding to mix and combine shapes and colors, attempting to reveal women are the driving force that brings life to indigenous societies.

The grand award for performing arts goes to TAI Body Theatre, which was founded by Watan Tusi. The winning work “Terrace on the Hill” is a collaboration between Watan Tusi and French percussionist Roland Auzet. With Auzet’s point of view of a percussionist and Watan Tusi’s application of his pace notation, the artists approach the theme from different rhythms and cultural contexts, displaying the variety of experiences through dialogue between different gazes and methods.

Lahok Oding, the winner of Jury Award, uses broken bark as “Specimen of Language” to display how the changes in life have accumulated in order for culture to be extended; it is a “specimen of language” that continues to disintegrate but is also continuously depicted.

Three award winning international artists are invited to exhibit in Pulima

This year the exhibition also features artworks by Maori artist Lisa Reihana, the presenting artist of New Zealand for Venice Biennale 2017, Sakuliu, the winner of the 20th National Awards of Art, and Labay Eyong, the recipient Grand award of 2014 and 2016 of Pulima Art Award.

Lisa Reihana presents her expansive multi-channel project image up to 17 feet width “In Pursuit of Venus [infected]” to discuss the issue of colonialism. Lighting the Tobacco” is a combination of sculptural installation and video projection by Sakuliu that reflects the loss of traditional culture. The installation work of Labay Eyong, entitled Mother Land”, combines “mother” and “land” as a metaphor for the infinite loop that integrates and merges land and life.

Attractive Co-production performances

International indigenous cooperation and connection is a major goal of this year's Festival. A series of traditional and international contemporary performances is presented in the opening ceremony, starting with: indigenous traditional ritual by AdawPalafLangasan; “Memorable New Year Ceremony of the Puyuma Village” by Formosa Song and Dance Troupe; Maori Encounter brought by Moss Patterson; the widly-praised work “COLORS” brought by Bulareyaung Dance Company (B.D.C); the new performance “Red Earth” co-created by TAI Body Theatre and Australian cross-discipline artist Carly Shepard (Nov. 3 and 4).

Pulima Art Festival launches “A Festival in a Festival” and “Performing Arts Competitions”

To enhance the international indigenous connection, this year’s Pulima Art Festival has collaborated “A Festival in Festival” program that collaborate withYIRRAMBOI First Nations Arts Festivalthe premier international indigenous contemporary art festival in Melbourne. During the YIRRAMBOI Festival Week (Nov 7 to 11), four Australian artists will bring a series of workshops, performances, talks, concerts, exhibitions, etc. to demonstrate the art scene of First Nations and present the fabulous Australian art.

Moreover, “The Performing Arts Competition” (Nov 13 to 14) provides opportunities for indigenous new talents and encourages experimental, innovative and cross-disciplinary creations. Hopefully, through the diverse and fabulous showcases ,the festival will lighten up the audience!