GTO German Business Day at HB Oktoberfest Taipei

   In partnership with Rheinsinn Enterprise, the German Trade Office Taipei (GTO) has attracted over 440 distinguished guests to attend this year’s Oktoberfest Opening: The GTO German Business Day. This event did only raise cultural awareness, but also established valuable business exchanges between Taiwanese and German companies and subsequently enhance trade relations between Taiwan and Germany. By organizing the opening of this years’ HB Oktoberfest, the German Trade Office aimed at introducing German Oktoberfest traditions to the Taiwanese public.
   Among the guests of the event were Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je, GTO Executive Director Axel Limberg, Director General of the German Institute, Dr. Thomas Prinz, the Director General of the Industrial   Development Bureau, Mr. Jang-Hwa Leu and Director General Dr. Chuan-Neng Lin from the Bureau of Energy. The event commenced with the traditional “Tapping the Beer Keg” ceremony, in which Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je opened the first barrel of beer by affixing and opening the tap. This ceremony marked the official opening of the HB Oktoberfest Taipei.
    Mr. Limberg highlighted the importance of beer festivals to German tradition and culture, saying that “beer festivals have been an integral part of German amusement culture for over two centuries. Beer festivals have always had the power of letting people forget the stress of their daily lives and bringing people from all parts of society together. Today, we celebrate with our Taiwanese friends our excellent relations and cultural diversity in an authentic German Oktoberfest ambiance.”
    It is the third time that the German Trade Office Taipei organized this event. The guests were seated at 54 tables within an authentic Hofbräu outdoor high ceiling tent. The event featured live music by an original HB band, real HB German Waitresses, all-you-can-drink HB draft beer and authentic German food. On top of that, every guest got a gingerbread heart.